This blog started as a diary. It was a way to stay afloat at a time in my life where I honestly kind of didn't know how to stop drowning. I had just started at a brand new school, and unsure of how to start with assimilating while keeping my own individuality, but then again still desperate for acceptance... I turned to try and make a mistake that we're all familiar with:

I wanted to change everything about myself.

My journey to high school was a mess. But, let's be honest, aren't we all a mess around high school times?

In preparation, I developed an obsession with losing weight. I had started struggling in my relationship with food and body image in fifth grade, but it had never become as severe as in my eighth grade year.
It turned into basically a near eating disorder in the early months of high school, and so started my intense stare at myself in the soul mirror. It was a gradual process; I had to let go of many things and start to understand what food was for again.

This blog was a really great help in my transition of recovery. It encouraged a healthier relationship with food. I had to learn to stop counting calories, I had to undergo the bounce back and be really hungry for a while. I had to learn to view food as Mother Nature's nourishment, rather than an evil thing that I should feel guilty for consuming. I had to learn that starving yourself is NOT the way to live. I now live a high-carb, plant-based lifestyle, and I love it.

And I'm still recovering, mentally, and physically. The aftermaths include a heavily damaged metabolism, and a mind full of demons left to conquer. It's a slow path back to health. Your body needs time to forgive itself.

But I'm one to believe that everything in your life happens as a part of the journey God has planned for you. I believe that He gave me this struggle so that I could gain empathy, and reach out to help others who similarly struggle.

I now have a passion for urging the message of health. But health is beyond taking care of your body. It's also, in short, taking care of yourself.
I write articles and posts that (I hope) lift your soul and give you something to smile about. I fill my site with encouragement and understanding. I actively promote my Fruitiful You campaign, and I write things that I hope can reach out to others who are trying to find a fresh, positive perspective towards food. Vegan or not, I really want to help you get there.

Health is a lifestyle. It's not just a trend, and it's definitely not a quick fix. Live in the way that makes you feel your best. Emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually... That is health.

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