Hello, my name is Elim Scribbles. Scribbling is the act of forcing your creativity outside the limitations of society. Being yourself is a super power. It takes practice, so scribble fiercely.

I have taken up residence in Scribbleland as Prep School Health Freak. I'm a girl in a prep school that's a self proclaimed freak urgent about health. There's a lot of other things I do as a Scribbler.

I battled with an eating disorder before going vegan, and in Scribbleland, we want to banish all feelings of low self worth.

I am a confidence warrior. EVERY SINGLE SOUL deserves to feel so much goshdarn worth. In Scribbleland, we are fierce accepters. Banish all the things that you could possibly judge a human by. Blind your shallow senses, because underneath it all, we all have a soul that was preciously fit into that body. That soul is worth so much more than your opinion - respect it.

I am a dreamer with a mind full of busy ambitions, and in Scribbleland, reality does not suck. Everything is achievable, and nothing is out of reach.

I am a vegan. Banana girl, plantstrong, no meat muscle. And there are so many good reasons to defend that. In Scribbleland, compassion is our compass, and we let it guide our decisions, (and when you're ready) even with our dietary choices.

I am a Jesus friend, and I do believe that all love stems from the one who gave love to all. In Scribbleland, we will all love you no matter what your appearance, bloodline, choices, beliefs, or relations say you are. Because Jesus loves all, and only when Judgment Day comes can we be told how we are right or wrong. Condemn and become condemned in front of Him.

I am a nonconformist. The barriers of which we may exist within have become too enraging. We are getting claustrophobic, so we must escape. In Scribbleland, the imagination is a vehicle to a world without limits. We can show the world our artistic ability because nothing is too weird!

I am an activist. Please, world, stop spitting hate. I won't label myself as so much of an activist for any "rights" so much as I proudly scream, "Let's get some love up in this earth." In Scribbleland, we urge by example that LOVE is the revolution.

So what about you. Would you like to join me?

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