I Eat Plants

How do I eat?

I eat a high-carb, low-fat, predominantly raw, plant-based diet. I really like The 80/10/10 principles, and definitely feel my best eating fully raw, but I have nothing against some cooked carbs as well.
This is a lifestyle of abundance. I eat when I'm hungry, and I eat until I am full.
This gives me enough energy for my body to be my living space every single day, and be able to serve my abilities in new and increasingly amazing ways every passing moment.
I do not eat to look a certain way, but to be a certain way.
I am thriving, and I know that my body is coming to the healthiest place it will ever be at in my future on this lifestyle.

What do I not eat, and why?

Meat. Dairy. Animal products.
To be incredibly honest, I gave up meat for all the wrong reasons. I stopped eating meat on April 1st, as a joke, and for other reasons.
But though I went vegetarian for all the wrong reasons, I want to say that I went vegan for all the right reasons. World hunger, a better environment, a smaller carbon footprint, compassionate living, gratefulness for food, a healthy way of life.
I also don't eat oils. Nor processed foods. Nor artificial things.

**Of course, I know that while I prefer not to eat these things, I indefinitely must have unintentionally on occasions.
[ P.S. - People that "trick" vegans and vegetarians into eating animal products, please, could you have some respect for our decisions? It's much appreciated. (: ]

But processed foods nowadays are made very unnaturally, and most packaged products have unnatural and potentially harmful preservatives and additives in the ingredients. Did you know that some food dyes found in famous commercial brands are actually carcinogens?
This was something I was very guilty of, but upon learning about how bad it really was for me, I encourage you also to rid yourself of artificial or synthetic sugars. These can actually play with your brain on a chemical scale within your body, and mess up some of your body's normal functions. Like your metabolism.
Oils clog your arteries. Besides, fats in excess are detrimental to your health. Oils are so inefficient nutritionally, and they can do some damage to your body. Even vegetable oils can be responsible for messing up our Omega ratios. Oils are bad about inflammation, and most of the time contain a lot of trans fat. That means the ingredients have been altered by humans and hydrogenated. It's simply something I don't want in my body.

What DO I eat? Plants.

No, my diet doesn't consist of leaves, and branches, and... forests.
Mainly, lots of fruits. And also vegetables. Then grains. In that order.
My staple is bananas (I'm a self-confessed banana girl). Then, I can never get enough of tropical fruits, and mangoes, and cherries... Pineapples, peaches, oranges, watermelon, cantaloupe, papaya, blueberries. GIVE ME THEM ALL.
I'm almost orange from all my sweet potatoes, and I also love leafy greens (spinach is no. 1), peas, cucumber, cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, and celery.
I also eat oats like a horse. Rice always calls my name when you mention sushi. And pasta? I will inhale.

Why do I eat this way?

I thrive.
Veganism is something that I have fallen in love with.
I feel as if it is best for my health, something sustainable, and something that I can see set in my future. It has restored my relationship with food, and given me a way to be creative while reaching out to others with a great message.
When you eat with love, it opens your eyes to more love. That's something I want to do.

What has this EatStyle done for me?

It has allowed me to chase the rope a little longer when I run.
I mean, I was never an athletic kid, and I'm still not the best at sports. When coming to Brookstone, and my counselor mentioned that most everyone played a sport here, my mother actually laughed.
But in a few short months, from the preconditioning for swim season to the third month of 2015, I went from not even able to run a full mile on even track surface.. To being able to run for 3 miles nonstop on hills.
Veganism enabled me with the energy to reinvent my idea of fit.
It's given me strength. Not only physically, as my body bounds past old limits, but also mentally, as I have become so much more educated on the bodily harm that society has accepted as normal. I eat with education, and it is truly such a rewarding factor of this lifestyle.
It has also redefined my definition of health. No, health is not what you look like on the outside, and no, it's not how much you can bench press. Health is a holistic circle that includes your mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Fill yourself with energy from good sources, with nourishing food, with positive thoughts, with as little worry as you can release, and a focus on the connection to deity you claim.

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