Sunday, February 7, 2016

Self-Expression (Cauliflower BBQ Wings Recipe)

Conflict can be easily summed up by issues in communication.
Emotions are suppressed and you don't say what you mean and everything becomes twisted, misconstrued.
Words that fly through your brain aren't easily translated into conversation because of filters. Is it acceptable? Is it okay? Is it worthwhile? How will people react, how will others take it?
And we end up saying things we don't mean - and errs of truth stir up conflict.

We aren't practiced enough in self-expression.
Our identities can't be rooted enough if we don't have enough practice in displaying ourselves.
From the moment we can think for ourselves, life becomes a journey of finding yourself, and you'll go through tons of phases of how to express your emotions.
It takes the forms of hobbies, art, makeup, clothing, interests, the music you listen to, the friends you make, the sense of humor you laugh to.
We are struggling to find ourselves through the mess of life, and the journey transforms you into many different versions of yourself.
And as you grow older, you become a little more versed with what you're comfortable with. What makes you... YOU.

That's how we find ourselves.

But during this process, it's hard to express yourself.
A problem that I face myself is saying what I feel.
I feel feelings, but I can't always say sayings. So when people ask me, "What's wrong?" or "What are you thinking?" sometimes I can only answer with a "I don't know."
I'm here to tell you that it's OKAY to NOT KNOW.
Sometimes, the sky closes in and terrible is the only way to describe how you're feeling and a nap seem the only solution - THAT'S OKAY.
Sometimes, you are laughing uncontrollably and your friends smile with you and you want to do something completely spontaneous - THAT'S OKAY.
Sometimes, you know there's something to be worried about you because you've changed a bit drastically and there's some kind of cause and you need to talk to someone - THAT'S OKAY.
What's NOT okay is bottling it all up and being afraid to express yourself.

I'm saying this because it's not okay when I do it either. I bottle myself up, and end up feeling terrible.
Instead, we need to say what's on our mind, even if it's incomprehensible and we have to go to seven different people before someone understands.

Find someone you can talk to, communicate in all honesty, and try to keep it all in a positive light.
These are all tips for me as much as you.

And how do you make this a lifestyle? How can you afford to be constantly reminded of your thoughts and actually work up the courage to talk about them?

It could be doodling.
It could be theatre.
It could be photography.
Traveling, writing, journaling.

A creative outlet is ESSENTIAL for emotional health. Find a mode of expression on a regular basis, and it'll help you feel more sane. xxx

Also - these are Barbeque Cauliflower "Wings" I made in lieu of watching the SuperBowl. Adapted from Hot for Food's recipe, which I FULLY approve. (It was delicious.)

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