Thursday, July 2, 2015

Honor, Acknowledge, Salute

Springer has a message that it's taught us. Honor the past, acknowledge the present, and salute the future.
It's been a while, yes. But I've been on a bit of a busy hiatus because a) BUSY-NESS b) business.
I've been occupied with two weeks of interning at the Springer Theatre Academy, and it's been draining. So after a few days of recuperating and getting my crap together, I've got a few doting things to spill. Here's a picture of me with my lovely, wise intern captain, Jessi.

And I've been doing a lot of thinking about Prep School Health Freak. I've been kind of rushing the latest recipe posts, and really just not putting as much soul as I did when this site first started out. I think part of the problem is.. I'm starting to treat this as solely a recipe site. But what makes me fall in love with sharing with you all the more is being able to impact others with my words.

So things I'm bring around CHANGE wise:
1. I'm going to be more candid. There's been a while of growth for me. I realize that with my wonderful retrospect enabler of never deleting any of my blog posts. Yeah, that always enthusiastic exclamation point pouring machine was what I used to be comfortable with, I used to hide behind happiness, because I thought that if I could just pretend to myself I was happy all the time, I wouldn't remember ever being sad! But that's the past with a tinge of naivety. And we honor the past and move on.
2. I'm gonna keep my eyes on the mission. This is the present. And what we do in the NOW? We change in life, and we use love to change. My mission, my passion that I've finally realized, is normalizing self love. Urging the world to be "FRUITIFUL." That means comprehending your own beauty and spraying it out into the world like it's pixie magic. Yes, this is still going to be a heck of a rocking recipe place. But I'm also going to talk to you once in a while. To stay grounded in reality and push love forward and tell you the things that weigh on my heart. Acknowledge what happens now.
3. I'm going to really care about you. I've been caught up in reministic rants to my beloved friend I met over Instagram about how we need to stop being lazy when it comes to communication. Relationships should be built on mutual respect, and genuine understanding. How can I reach you, help you? How can I phrase my words so that one lonely insomniac who stumbles upon the page can look at my words as a reminder of positivity in the world? Maybe someday I will be able to bring a touching difference into many lives, like I've always dreamed of. Who know what the future holds? We salute the future.

Here's me, just casually attempting a quick split (haha nope) in front of this heartfelt group of coworkers. This was my intern team for the past two weeks, and we all had the same job of leading kids throughout a short and intense growth period. There were so many skills learned, so many joys ignited, and so much leadership to show. We were able to be role models that enthused these kids with a reenforcer of confidence and faith in being their selves.

So yeah, there's no recipe attached to this post. No pictures of food. Instead, I'm going to direct you to a video log I made of my wonderful time just loving on these darlings.

I will have a recipe out for the Fourth of July, though, and I'll see you then.

xx keep scribbling

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