Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Independence, Cake, and Happenings (Fourth of July Raw Vegan Cake Recipe)

A recipe and honorary post for America's Indpendence Day has probably passed its due time.. But here I am, regardless. I've got some exciting markerpoints to share with you, as well as a good as heck recipe to share with you. Ain't it a beaut?

I've been learning to be a little more independent nowadays. It's really been doing wonders for my confidence, and I feel like I've grown a lot as a person. I've been a lot happier.

I'm learning to be independent of the things that don't matter, and I am now fervently trying to pursue the things that I know matter more.

I've always wanted to make videos talking about things I'm very passionate about. I have words, and I want to sprinkle them out into the world for the thoughts of others to mull over. But ever since recovering from an eating disorder, and that body dysmorphia that came with it, until recently I've just been too ashamed of how "fat" my face had gotten, and shied away from cameras...

But lately, this summer, I've made a wonderful new friend at Springer that texted me after she saw one of my posts about recovering... And turns out that we were both cheerful people that had somehow succumbed to a very depressing monster. Eating disorders had somehow pecked away at the both of us, even though by personality, we both had the most happy dispositions. This girl has become such a dear and personal friend, and she has helped me more than she knows in this past month. I am now more independent from my eating disorder than I've ever been on this journey. It's SUCH a big step forward, and I am very proud of myself (and very thankful to her). (:

As for example, I used to look back at photos of me in my restricting stage, skinny but hungry.. And body dysmorphia would come back and make me hate myself because I'd chosen to nourish myself again. I would wish I was that weak girl instead of the girl who was fighting to be strong.
The other day, I looked at those old photos, then looked at me in the Youtube video I was editing.. And I was more proud of the person I was now. Instead of seeing a "fatter" me... I saw a brand new me, a me that was happier, bolder, and confident.

The video that I was editing it is THE DELICIOUS AND BEAUTIFUL RECIPE FOR THIS RAW VEGAN FOURTH OF JULY CAKE. Chocolate chip slices slathered with a peanut butter date sauce and topped with blueberries, banana slices, and raspberries. Pretty much patriotic perfection. Watch it below! (Don't forget to like and subscribe!)

Also, this Monday was the first day of my Springer Theatre Academy time as a student. Rather than an intern. I will be spending four weeks with a fabulous group as we learn and grow together and put on a sock-rocking presentation at the end of our time. Treasured memories will be made and happiness will be shared.

I've also started biking the Chattahoochee Riverwalk Trail we have in Columbus! I can't believe that I've never been on it! It's so beautiful. I'm currently filming, and I'll make a "Springer, Week 1" vlog that features that footage. Yesterday I biked 9 miles, and today 12! A year ago, I couldn't run a mile. It's amazing what plants and practice can do. <3.

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