Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Vegan Basics : Rainbow Island (YELLOW Basics)

Yellow. What you yearn for in the sun, yes? It's that blanket of relief when you've been freezing all day. Just a small puddle of happiness from where a rainbow starts. Today, we celebrate YOU. If you are yellow, you are that person smart enough to understand just how everyone ticks, and uses that to the advantage of cheering everybody up.

Like monkeys. They cheer people up. (: Or maybe they're just happy because bananas make you happy.

Yellow is lighthearted color. You don't take things too seriously, which makes you a very malleable and easy-going person. That's great! You're the friend that people can get along with, no matter what their personality. You're a great go-to whenever your friends have a problem, or just need a simple hug. Keep on smiling, yellow.

YELLOW Verse: "He made you alive in Him." Colossians 2:13

You are alive, Yellow. You are here and you are aware of it. Life is a gift, and you should realize that. When you see how blissful pure existence is, you are the one to comprehend it first. So you dance through life. Keep gliding, keep vibing. Your impact has made dozens more look upward and smile at the sky a little more. <3

Breakfast - Passionfruit Parfait

Yummy beyond belief. Half a passionfruit blended with 4-5 frozen bananas. Layered in a mason jar with 2 honey mangoes, chopped. What a fantastic piece.

Lunch - Mango Bowls

The banana craze wouldn't stop! I'm actually a monkey, ha. (:
Six frozen bananas blended with 2-3 honey mangoes. Topped with some remaining passionfruit. And for a veggie crunch, I sliced up some yellow bell pepper to dip into the ice cream. Noms.

Dinner - Dips and Noodles and Sauces

I had some fabulous hummus to start it off. A drained can of chickpeas processed with a teaspoon of madras curry powder, and a touch of maca root to seal the deal... Delicious. On its own, I loved it. If you wanted to eat it with rice.. I'd say a touch of salt would help.
That was dipped up and demolished with some more capiscum. Getting those vegetables in!
And we also had some orzo. Drizzled with lemon, then mixed into with some sauce I got from my friend Derrick on Instagram. Just nutritional yeast blended with Japanese sweet potato. Noms for days. <3

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