Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Vegan Basics : Rainbow Island (ORANGE Recipes)

Orange you glad? That's the question I greeted the morning with, and it simply set a better attitude for the day. ORANGE means putting energy into happiness. Here's hats off to those who possess enthusiasm, have the balls to be creative, and can be kind enough to provide encouragement to others. Let's celebrate you.

Thank God for you, orange. You're the creative bunch. You are willing to think in ways that others don't. And this in turn allows you think and know in just what ways you can lift others up.
You focus on positivity. When you focus on positivity, there's a new perspective that forces you to have so much more energy for things worthwhile.

When the things about life that drag you down get released, you start investing intently on following your passions. It takes effort, giving up the dreads of life. Burdens follow you around easily. Since it takes a lot of intensity to put them behind you, instead, what we do is day by day... Make a conscious decision to look forward to the bright side. Sure, there are gray clouds behind you, but don't you love how warm and sunny the sun feels?

The ORANGE Verse: "Do everything without grumbling and arguing, so that you may be blameless children of God who shine like stars." Philippians 2:14

Complaining is the most commonplace offense that combats the goodness of orange. It's so normal and accepted, we don't realize it's dumbfounding effects. When we whine, we are bringing up things that make our mind focus on how unfortunate we are, and we become blind to how good our lives are. Our lives are so blessed! But we are simply conditioned to find the bad, not the good. I challenge you to go orange, and find good.

Breakfast - Banana Ice Cream

Simply chunked about 4 bananas and half a papaya, frozen, into a food processor.
When you process, you will have to stop it a lot and push down the bits. But soon, it all turns creamy and deliciousss.
This was fabulous.
Topped with buckwheat groats and cinnamon.

Lunch - Fruit (and Capiscum)

This is what I would've had. A fabulous fruit platter.
Here: papaya, mamey sapote, bell pepper, peach
But sad thing, that mammy ended up being a tad rotten. ):
So I had a lotttt of banana ice cream to make up for it. (Put some turmeric in it to turn it orange, haha.)

Dinner - Sweet Potatoes

Gotta love that beta carotene. For the fries I cut strips lengthwise. For the chips I sliced widthwise.
Simply baked them at 400ºF for 30-40 minutes, flipping halfway through.
So yum. And I didn't just have this, of course. Haha, had some rice and rice noodles with turmeric. (:

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