Thursday, June 11, 2015

Vegan Basics : Rainbow Island (GREEN Recipes)

Green. Sometimes you might think it stands for envy. Greed, avarice, and things that one might avoid in a person. But no. Green actually signals a fresh renewal. A sense of rest and relaxation that soothes... And the color of life. Let's celebrate all of you who are full of life.

Green means things anew. Think of it as that tiny sprout you carry out out the pot and into a shady spot in the woods. The green hope it emits as a new and fuller life lays before it. That is green.

If you're a Green, you are the person that provides balance, and we're glad to have you around when we go through big life transitions. You are the friend that gives the insightful perspective. The one that can look ahead and have faith in just how everything fits together in the end.

GREEN Verse: "Get up sleeper and rise from the dead and the Messiah will shine on you." Ephesians 1:14

You are the one that understands how to come alive. You always seem cleansed and put together. Take advantage of that and let Christ shine on you.

Breakfast - Spirulina Ice Cream

Put eight tablets of pressed spirulina in the processor, and use the machine to break it into powder, first. Then add in 4-5 bananas. Voila!

I also later took that horned melon and added the green seeds to another batch of banana ice cream. (:

Lunch - Pea Refreshers

Haha, the horned melon ice cream filled me up, so this was more an appetizer for dinner.
In a blender: put 2 cups of frozen peas. Add in water until it hits the 3 cups line on the blender. Add in 3 sprigs of mint, a dash of horseradish, and some black pepper. Blend it up!
It's not that strong in flavor at all. Add some salt if you want! It's more of a refresher.

Dinner - Green Noodles and Veggies

Yes! I found some Guanmiao noodles in my Asian pantry that were actually green! They had some vegetable powder in them.
I boiled some of that up. And in a separate bowl I microwaved: peas, broccoli, snap peas.
Sprinkled some black pepper over the bowl and it was a nutritious eat!

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