Sunday, June 7, 2015

JourneyJournie : After Beach, Tony Awards (Savory Rice Cake Snack Recipe)

Because theatre freak me needs a semi-permanent way to declare my love for theatre.. So what better than some Tony award platter choices? Some protein rich and delicious munchies to serve as finger snatches while watching the beautiful presentations of this year on the stage. Recipe right here on Prep School Health Freak.

I've been MIA a tad lately, what with taking a week off for the church retreat Souled Out Summer. This was a week away to Panama City Beach, with moving worship in morning and night and sermons and speeches by Adrian Despres and Lee McBride.

But my, oh my, did I feel an immense sense of peace while away. It was such a way to release insecurities when you're so much more focused on having fun, on having experiences. (Not to mention endless sun and waves and sand. That's always relaxing, too.)

The songs that Jonathan and Lisa Moore led us in would speak straight to the soul... Directly the message that I would need to hear. It helped me realize my need to reaffirm my worth straight in the fact that I am a precious daughter of The King.

So while I participated in the first day of Cassey Ho's stretch challenge, I posted my little message of encouragement on my Instagram.
It read: "I AM STRONG 💪🏽🙌🏽❤️ Yes, I've gained weight. But guess what? That's my body recovering. Yes, it triggers my inner bully. But you know what? I will fight it and learn to be grateful for those insecurities... because they bring me closer to persevering in the placement of my worth on something true. 🙏🏽🙌🏽 I wish I could say it isn't a struggle to love myself. But regardless of what you wish, life is life, and insecurity is a part of life. But we fight it, because we are stronger than our insecurities. ❤️😘 God gives us struggle and suffering in our life, and it is all a part of His plan. We come out the other end all for the better. And we learn to rejoice in the suffering. 💪🏽💕"

Correction. God doesn't give us suffering. Suffering and struggle can come from the evils and qualms of the other force in this world. But God can and will use that struggle to better you.. If you let Him.

I was blown away by the overwhelming messages of love I received on that post. One girl told me that I had been in her prayers. Some girls told me that they were rooting for me, good job. There was so much love, and it was a moment of realization... The fact that there was all this love being doled upon me, yet they cared not what I look like, and they hadn't met me in person before. I was simply a human soul.

We all are souls so carefully crafted by an Almighty Hand. We were planned for since before our mother's first seed of pregnancy. There is a reason that you were put on this earth... And there will be a reason when you go back again. You are redeemed simply because you are a beautiful and thought of daughter/son of the God. You are as loved as Jesus in God's eyes. Is that not freaking amazing, and all you need in order to know that you are worth so much? So much more than anything Satan could give you degrading thoughts about.

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