Monday, May 25, 2015

You Are Strong (Vegan Kale Protein Bowl Recipe)

Just your daily reminder that you are strong.
Physically, yes. And, I mean, here's a protein bowl (vegan) to keep you going that way, too.
But mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, you are beyond strong.

Today, I simply give you my gentle push of a reminder.

You are strong. You have strength. You can and will show that strength when life demands it of you.

And life will push and crush you. The going gets beyond tough. Things will come in life that will drain you of all you thought you could give.
When you think you are done, you are far from it.
I urge you to never give up.

It is in our recesses that we find our greatest strength. When we are forced to improvise ability, when we must reach out and grapple nonexistence for faith, there we find what we are truly capable of.

You are capable of beating your struggle. It may never seem easy, and it may never be easy.
But don't give up.

Your champion self of the future thanks you.

This is perfect for an after-workout feed. Plenty of vegan protein, and plenty of complex carbs to replenish your energy. Post workout bowls for the win!

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