Sunday, May 3, 2015

Restless Heart Syndrome {Strawberry Sorbet Sundae Recipe}

Yeah, I know it's a Green Day song. (They are creative genius GOALS, btw.)
And yeah, I have a hot pink sundae for you that is the color of a heart when it yearns. (Possibly not scientifically accurate.)

But does anyone else feel like me, sometimes?
I am deathly afraid of my life being normal.

I couldn't stand the thought.
I never want to settle into routine. I can't stand the known schedules, the dread that comes with the expected.
I want to do things unheard of.
I don't want to wake up when I'm forty, realize that I find the life I live tedious, that I'm constantly waiting for a break from life.

What some call fantasy, I call future.

But there are the adults, or just people, that try to crush you. That tell you that reality has to suck. That you are within a majority, that there is only a virtual "if" chance that you are special.

Though, isn't that how they have conformed us? By forcing rebels to not even have the drive with made statistics from the first silenced generation? We've been taught to "settle" for less than our dreams. We've been taught to chase something a little lower than our wishes. We've been taught that the inevitable normal is something that is not our wildest dreams.

The Little Prince is poetic in illustrating the sad maturation into adulthood, and how it strips away our creativity, our insightfulness, and our dreams.

We like to romanticize our lives, I know.
Our broken dreams are ambitions buried. A tragedy.
I realize that what I'm rambling on about is probably a melodramatic passion that I'm over exaggerating the backstory behind.

But isn't this why we think that fiction is so covetable? Why we cling to stories that aren't real, because they, in the moment, seem so real? Why we are always wanting something that's not what life is?
I know that just earlier I posted about the God-given power to stay content no matter what life is like. And I still stand by that.
I just want to defend my restless heart. To give everyone like me that has grand wishes permission to chase them. It's a short and simple proclamation that you shouldn't let anyone silence your strive.

Don't let your heart bleed. I'm here to tell you to follow your heart.

And this is LITERALLY one ingredient strawberry sorbet. I'm pretty sure you can guess the ingredient. Regardless, I gave you a recipe for the awesome sundae idea. Toppings and everything. I hope you love it!

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