Monday, May 18, 2015

Recover : Why Love Your Body (Carrot Cake Truffles Recipe)

People tell us, "Love your body."
But there's so much more to simply loving your body no matter what it looks like.

Your body is way more than something to be objectified and forced into a mold of a certain shape and size.

Your body does so much for you.
If you think about your body as simply the physical manifestation of life, it can change your perspective.

Well, it's exams week, and as I cram for biology tomorrow, I'm coming across simply scientific reasons for you to love your body.

  1. It's a smart, complex structure. All designed to keep you alive.
    • Our body is full of systems that all serve a special purpose. The heart pumps across the circulatory system to make sure that blood can get oxygen to your hands and feet and brain. The brain conducts the nervous system and tells you everything from when you hit your thumb with the hammer to how to keep your posture up. The food we take in gets converted to energy that carries us through Mondays, keeps our hair healthy, and our reproductive organs able to sustain new life.
  2. The chances of you being born were incredibly slim. You are a miracle.
    • 64,000,000,000,000. That was the chance of the gametic cells of your parents forming and perfectly combining to make the heck of a unique creation that is you. Because of the crossing over in the prophase stage of meiosis, the independent alignment in metaphase, and the random fertilization of your parents' cells to give you every single trait only you have.
  3. Your body literally takes the food that you eat and uses it to live.
    • We have a heck of a complex digestive system. Mouth to pharynx to esophagus to stomach to intestines, your body takes from that the nutrients to sustain your health and the energy to move your body.
    • Protein synthesis, baby. Things you eat with amino acids are directly coded into anti-codons that are attached to the transferRNA, which then literally makes proteins based on instructions from your DNA. Your genetic code is demanding that you eat, so that it can use the food.
  4. You are alive.
    • And you should take advantage of that. Your body, the fact that you are able to love or hate it, means that you are ALIVE. You have a life. And I challenge you to live it the way you feel led to.
  5. Your body cares about you.
    • Why are you not dead? Your body goes into a lot of effort to keep you alive. Believe me, that's the reason this test I have tomorrow is going to be so tediously long.

So here, have some truffles. I hope they are awesome, because you, and your body, deserve it.

These are delicious by the way, confirmed even by non-vegans! >.<

Much love from Elim to you!

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