Thursday, May 28, 2015

Judgment without Jealousy (Rainbow Rice Rolls Recipe)

We, as the human race, are naturally a very envious bunch.
In fact, sometimes, if I feel like.... We compliment others with envy. And in doing so, rob the love that we deserve for ourselves, and lump it onto an ideal that we will never achieve.

Not sure if I'm fully making sense here yet... But read on, because ^those^ RAINBOW RICE ROLLS are headed your way.

Jealousy is already a very predominant emotion in our world. I love Essena and Bonny's take on how we shouldn't hold any one life up as "goals."
They are right. I think that when you idealize somebody else's reality, you are forgetting to be present in your own life.
Make your own life goals, and stop endlessly comparing yourself to anyone else. All that does is create envy, and envy is the thief of content happiness.

We JUDGE people based on the content of our envy. I've noticed that.
Sometimes, we will only allow people to be called "pretty" if we think that their beauty is totally separate from ours, while we do not allow compliments made to anyone that we know directly.
Let me tell you something, though: Someone else's beauty does not mean an absence of our own.

And sometimes, we only give people our label of worth if we want what they have.
It's the extreme opposite of tearing others down in jealousy.
It's elevating others in your own mind to an idolizing point out of envy.

It's not healthy. Just like being mean to others out of insecurity.
When you are so focused on desiring another person's life, you aren't getting anywhere in your own life.

We need to learn to judge without jealousy. And in order to do that, we just need to let go of judgment. Simply appreciate the good things in life, no matter who they belong to. And let go of the mistakes, no matter who made them.
And stop comparing your life to others. There will always be someone a tier above, and always someone a step below. So what? Stop focusing on anyone else's life but your own.

Here is what your spread should look like for the rainbow rolls. Just in case my instructions weren't as clear as I could have made them, here is a visual!

I tried to get this post out just in time for you to make dinner for the family! With these ingredients, you can make five rolls. (:

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