Sunday, May 10, 2015

I Love My Mother (Mother's Day Recipe)

There was a big confession today. I uploaded my story, and the sole purpose was because I wanted to help others. If offers hope, an ability of empathy, or awareness / a sense of what it's like to even ONE person... It was worth it.

And even though the story may seem like it targets my mother as the cause of my struggle, please understand that my mother was also my way out. I love her, and I wanted to share a special Mother's Day recipe dedicated to her.

Mothers are there for you. None of us, until we become mothers ourselves, understand the sacrifice, commitment, and love required to give us life. We are miraculously crafted inside of them. Their body conforms around a new one forming, all through the nature of life. They bring you into life, and when they see your face for the first time, it's like they're saying hi to a friend they once only knew when blind.

Mothers have the highest hopes for you. They want you to be perfect, because they want you to be everything they wished they were and more. With love, they put pressures on everything they think will matter to you, everything they think will make you happy. If you have made, at their request, all aspects of your life perfect, then they are pleased.

They have a lot of experience and mistakes learned. They think, "I don't want my kids repeating my mistakes. I will give her my experience. I wouldn't want to let them continue to walk the circle I started." And sometimes they becomes misconstrued. We interpret harshness, pointless admonishment, and stingy rebuke from what they truly mean in love.
But they understand you.

My mother told me, "Our daughters (and sons) are like a muscle in our body. You came out of us, you're now something that we feel the loss of in ourselves. You are precious."

When mothers see you happy, they are happy.
Sad fact is, they seem to think happiness, they way they define it, is the definition of happiness that we want. They will try to force it upon you, but only because the dearest of reasons.
You have to learn to be separate from your mother, yet all the while reliant on her. You will need to grow past an adherent definition of her within yourself, but still understand that she is your mother.
Because she loves you, and she will certainly show it. But somewhere in the conveying between the two of you, there is a lot that get lost in communication. Sometimes the purest of her intentions are translated to what you think are the cruelest. And even while it may not be, be certain to always be open to self-love that doesn't need to stem from any single person. You are beautiful, and I can tell you for certain that your mother thinks so as well.

Cherish the relationship with your mother. In life, in the world, there is no other relationship that will be anything like it. Your mom has been with you as you grew up. She knows who you are. She will be there.


  1. Your two Mother's Day posts offer such amazing, poignant insight, thank you.

    1. PS. The mousse looks divine ��

    2. Thank you so much, Diana! Your feedback is so nice of you. I hope that my words impact others like they do you. <3


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