Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cinco de Mayo Tribute : Victory Over Opinions {Black Bean Hummus Dip Recipe}

This is my Cinco de Mayo Plate. It's ironic how Americans are so into commodifying any excuse to celebrate and blow out so much that we just might celebrate it more than the Hispanics.

But I just wanted to give my tidbit of thought about another kind of battle won, inspired by the Mexican victory at the Battle of Puebla. The Battle of Mattering Opinions.

So, for awhile, I had convinced myself that you shouldn't care about other people's opinions, because they don't matter. You define yourself, and that is what really matters, and all the possibly negative thinks that others can care to think about you don't need to be taken into consideration for your life.

And in a way, that is true. What others say about you in no way shape your character traits. Your reputation should not be dictated by how others draw out in suggestions for your life. You should be wise enough to distinct good truth from the terrible lies from the honest admonishing from the harsh revenge... But also confident enough to remain immune against hurtful intentions.

But that doesn't mean to be completely impassive. Imagine the isolation that would come from a lifestyle of not caring. If you don't care what others think, you make this transition to becoming a brass and unmoving person that starts to be indifferent towards others's feelings. Who cares if they like you, because you're good enough?

But that should not be the philosophy adopted. Don't focus on an omission of concern with all else in the world but yourself. You will suck yourself into a selfish hole that you wonder why you are miserable in. Instead, root the opinion of Someone Else that truly matters as your source of worth.
What God thinks of you is going to matter far more than any mortal human on this Earth. But what does make God proud of you is when you pay attention to others's cares. When you reek compassion like a leaky sprinkler. (lol, similes and me) When you attend to others's feelings with the same empathy as yourself, following the Golden Rule (universal in most religions), then you are "building up" God's opinion of you. And that is what matters.

What God thinks of you will always be supreme. And the best version of you is always included in what God's ideal of you is.
Set your mind, not on earthly things, but on what is above and eternal. That's a verse that I've forgotten the reference for. (:

So this >>> BEST bean dip ever. I wanted to eat it plain. Good with everything.

And no, knowing me, I didn't eat those chips. Too much oil and salt for me! But others do enjoy some crunchy Tortillos, and these crisps are vegan, and they do go pretty darn well with some of this dip, so I put some out for the fam. Approved!

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