Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"The Perfect Body" {Cherry Maca Pancakes Recipe}

This is a public service announcement. For you. Just you.
Watch this video.
It hit me hard.

Now, eat these pancakes. It's a treat from me. ^,^
In case you were too lazy, this is the video in full right below.

How coincidental that I planned this post on a Tuesday, and Tuesday is usually the day that we dedicate to rejoicing over our changes in life with a plethora of #TransformationTuesdays. Sure, one of my secrets to happiness is to embrace change.. But never to condemn our past selves. Never say to your old pictures, "I'm so glad I'm not you anymore."

Don't hate on yourself. Past, present, or future. Love the idea of being you.

My call to action?
Stop thinking there is something you have to be.
In the words of Kristen Stewart, "Be healthy, and don't care what anyone else thinks."

I tried really hard with these pancakes. I made two separate batches to perfect the recipes, and hopefully photos over a couple of experimental recipes throughout two months. Yeah. Pancakes have kind of stolen my heart.

And sometimes, girls (and guys!) like to try hard to make their body what they think it should be.
My thoughts? Let your body be what it thinks it should be.

Never deprive yourself.
Nourish your body with living foods.
Listen to your body, eat when hungry, and stop when full.
Move your body! Pump the heart. Stretch the tendons. Use the muscles.
Rest. Try to release stress and worry. (I continuously work on this.) Get some sleep. (Again, a personal improvement note.)
Remain connected with the spiritual entity (or lack thereof) that you claim to.
And most of all, let the love that you have for yourself (and have some!) flow out to everyone.

And announcement, even with all that. ^^^ There will not be a "perfect" reached. Life is not about being perfect. Life is about being what you are meant to be. And trying to be perfect will not lead you to find that. A journey requires mistakes, it requires falling down. Accept it, and be a lot happier than "perfect" would ever get you.

P.S. Check out my "Stack It Vegan" Pinterest Board for more drool worthy pancakes and waffles. Serious griddle yums.

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