Monday, April 20, 2015

Mondays with Meatless Mmms {The Vegan Monster Burger Recipe}

It's Monday. And those are somewhat usually dreaded. Family dinners might come around filled with lifeless stories of how boring you found the start of the week. But liven the spirit of the Monday meal with a new meatless entree! I present to you: The Vegan Monster Burger Recipe.
(It was so DARN DELICIOUS. I think I ate more of this batter in process than if I were making cookies.)

Monday a week ago, I got to attend an award's ceremony for the CSU Statewide Carson McCullers Writing Contest. I had written two short stories, and I got to share my nonfiction narrative with an audience. It was a hard thing to do, sharing my words, especially when they were so personal. But the overwhelming support from the small, personal audience made me so lighthearted. Yesterday, I found out I was featured in our city newspaper for my little accomplishment. Isn't that something. (:

And on Wednesday, my swim coach talked to me about moving me up. By the summer. I gots to work my butt off. Starting to go every Friday in addition, see if I can transition.
Not to mention, with me constantly wanting to get more capable, pushing my physical levels of fitness, I went for a run on Saturday, and managed to run SIX MILES.
It might not seem like much, especially since it was more of a jog, and I took a breather at the halfway.. But less than half a year ago I could barely run one mile on level track. Fueling myself enough and with plants has made me develop so much more than I though possible.

But that run was in so much wet muck and rainy residue, it was almost like the milestone was a metaphorical cleansing. See, the week before this has been kind of awash in boredom for me. Maybe something to do with the end of school lingering too close, yet too far away. Maybe it's just a dip in the hills of life. But running helps you clear your mind. There's a lot more time to think.

And I think... I think it is completely normal to feel directionless, swallowed, and blurred from your goals. Especially in the developmental years of high school, but then again, all the time. Sometimes we start to try and dictate our own lives, but then we lose sight of what we wanted, how to get what we wanted, or where we got where we are.
It has something to do about what the Sunday sermon at my church was saying yesterday. His teaser was that he could give us the anecdote to stress and worry. We need to let God dictate our lives, by letting go, and stop trying to be the Lord of our lives.

Doesn't that sound like something you'd just nod along with, yet never bother to think further on?
But it's something that I do wish for my life. To be a girl for whom God is simply enough. To be a girl who understands that God loves us as much as He loved Jesus. That we are chosen.
We're chosen. That means that there is already a plan for our life.
It will all work out, even through all the Mondays.

My simple prayer is this: Lord, let Your will become my wants.

**I used canned corn and canned beans, which meant that there was already enough residual salt for the perfect flavor. If you use fresh vegetables, added salt is an option! Not to mention, you can get creative with the condiments.

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