Sunday, April 5, 2015

MinuteMusings : The True Meaning of Easter {Easter Tri-Layer Pastel Cake Recipe}

Wow, you guys, it is Easter. I know I should've dished out a quick and easy hot cross buns recipe, but I'm an exceptionally bad cook. Like, yesterday I extraordinarily burned pancakes I attempted to make for my Miss FruitifulYou Spring. So I prefer making raw vegan things. (:
This beauty, however, is a through and through healthy, all-natural trip-layer cake. It's raw and it's vegan. It's pretty, and it's delicious.

Do you guys get what Easter is?

Sure, it's been commodified to remind you of pastel colors and spring break and man-sized bunnies and chocolate and candy and neon plastic eggs. Since I'm a vegan that is aware and advocate for abstaining from eggs for health and ethical reasons, I want to go against tradition and not use the standard metaphor of an egg. I'm going to use my own three layers of this cake as an Easter explanation.

Every time I make something with cherries, my hands and the counter always turn out so streaked with red it looks like I've attempted to recreate a crime scene from Dexter.
But while my cherries only leak a delicious juice that looks like blood, Jesus actually bled.
Like, blood. Blood that was definitely a direct result of inflicted pain.
He was stripped, whipped, tortured, stabbed, crushed, beaten, and left hanging in front of people that loved him, to die.
Can you imagine the broken hearts of his friends? Most of us can hardly imagine what it would have been like to have a close friend/mentor/family member stripped from us. Imagine not only their death, but such a graphic and publicly horrific death with a intentional note of cruelty to it.
After Jesus sacrificing Himself on Good Friday, there was a Saturday of mourning. While Jesus was the One that suffered on the cross, everyone around bled in their hearts.

Easter morning was unbelievable.
You know when you're outside, and all of a sudden a cloud moves and everything lights up abruptly? There's almost a visible shift in the hue to the yellow side. Everything is uplifted.
Can you actually fathom having someone that you saw die come back to life? His tomb was empty as two women went to care for the corpse. The Son of God actually came back. He defeated death, and dying was not enough to get rid of Him.

Now, this is amazing, but what did it do?
You know how "the grass is always greener is someone else's backyard"? Well, Jesus' death and resurrection completely overturned this concept.
Jesus was the Son of God. That means He was God in a man's body. Fully man. And fully God. God sent us a piece of Him, His Son, to be with us on this lowly planet we love and call Earth.
When Jesus was crucified, that was a sacrifice. Back in biblical times, to atone for sin, to beg pardon with God, people had to sacrifice and kill lambs and animals as an offering to compensate for their offenses. The animals had to be perfect and unmarked and unblemished.
When Jesus died on the cross, He was that sacrifice on steroids. He was the sacrificed that covered all of us. All of us. All humans. Every single human being on the Earth that ever has been, is right now, and will be.
Isn't that amazing? We are okay with God. He doesn't mind the bad things in us. Because of Jesus.
As long as we believe in this. As long as we trust Jesus to control our lives, as long as we recognize we need the cross and ask Him and thank Him for it... We are perfect in God's eyes.

My Musing:
Jesus suffered beyond any kind of pain than we could ever even imagine.
Not for nothing.
He did this so we could be perfect.
We are perfect. In God's eyes.
Because of Jesus.
We only need to believe, ask, trust, and accept. Wow.

Store this in your freezer, and eat immediately after serving to avoid a messy smoothie-esque mess! It's delicious with everything, though. This was my little "Easter family treat." It was thoroughly enjoyable for them all! {And actually GOOD FOR YOU.}

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