Thursday, April 30, 2015

FruitifulYou : Miss April - Chloe Smith

Miss April:

Since fifth grade, I've known this girl as one of the most confident people. Fully comfortable as the person she is, one to source her happiness from a place that never runs dry, and outspoken whenever she has opinions. Chloe was and continues to be fearlessly authentic, and I wanted to ask her to share a little of her confidence with everyone else.

Welcome our April Fruitiful You Model!

Giving Love:

You all know my philosophy for self-love. I believe that loving yourself, gaining this confidence, is what enables you to be able to love others.
Chloe pointed out that sometimes, when people focus so much on loving themselves, they actually struggle. She talked about how her advice was to spread love. To give love to others, which would help so many others, and in the process, lift up your spirits.
Spread love to others, and it will bring you the undeniable effect of loving yourself.

Beyond Confidence:

As we interviewed, Chloe used the perfect metaphor of a fruit {get it, because FruitifulYou?} to sum up why your appearance doesn't matter. She told me: "The peel of a fruit is not what appeals it to you, it's the taste." She told me that she defined herself as beautiful and smart, because that's what her confidence told her. If only we could all think that way!
She tells others to be true to themselves. Stand firm in the ways that you think, the beliefs you believe. Because when you try to be anyone but yourself, you will never be truly happy.

Authentic Audacity:

Chloe points out the possible gateway of our current social media and availability to sharing media as a way to ruthlessly compare yourself to others. It becomes a cycle of trying to pattern yourself after someone else, to value the idea of something that isn't even real.

Chloe was the absolute sweetest to have over. Eating nicecream with her as we talked about everything and anything under the sun revealed her inherent sense for wisdom and her driven sense for equality. I loved her passion and shining demeanor!

Watch Her Interview

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