Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day for a Vegan {Mango Kale Parfait Recipe}

We should freaking love our earth. I mean, Mother Nature is brilliant at loving us, so why shouldn't we love it back?

Earth provides us with so much. God pretty much gave us an all-inclusive deal. Our plants give our atmosphere oxygen, they give us shade, they make houses and buildings, they provide us energy, and supplies, but what I love most... They FUEL us.

That comes a little into why you should go vegan. I mean, it's a personal choice. But once you know the benefits for the environment, paired with the better health for yourself, and also upon introduction to the beautiful world of food that comes with... maybe it would suit your fancy. (:

As a vegan, you conserve water usage. You make the use of land more efficient. You reduce your carbon footprint. You support cleaner water and soil. You help eradicate world hunger. All this, by simply abstaining from animal products.

Think about Animal Agriculture. When you eat animal products, you are paying someone to continue to make animal products, and you're perpetuating animal agriculture.
When meat, dairy, and eggs are mass produced, humans find ways to make things easier and more efficient. This means things are not only more cruel in the slaughterhouse, but also more environmentally unsound. The cows are not given proper living environments, and are not properly cleaned up after. Feces pollutes the water and land.
In order to process meat, so much more factory energy is used than the simple harvesting of plants. This raises our carbon emissions. This is pumping chemicals into our air.
Raising livestock is wasteful. "Worldwide, cows drink 45 billion gallons of water and eat 135 billion pounds of food each day." Compared to humans who, throughout the world "drink 5.2 billion pounds of water and eat 21 billion pounds of food each day." (CowspiracyFacts)
And think about this ratio: the land that we have on earth is being exhausted far more quickly for meat than it is for plant based foods. For every one acre converted from animal raising to raising plant crops, 17 times more people could eat.
If the whole world was vegan, everyone could be full.

Let's love our earth a little this wonderful day. Maybe go vegan. (;

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