Thursday, March 26, 2015

VegsGoDevo : Exhausting Jealousy {Sweet Rice Brownies Recipe}

Inspired: I'm the kind of person that is the queen of selfish stress. Perfectionism is both my redeeming and condemning quality. Sometimes I can exploit my stubbornness and be able to accomplish goals I never though myself capable of. Other times, I will find myself caught in a destructive cycle of jealousy, wishing my life was more than what I have.
The things I get stressed about don't effect anyone but me: grades, reputation, appearance, friends, schedule, time management, accomplishment. I'm always worried about myself, so much so that I lose sight of what truly matters. I keep getting stuck in the mindset of what my life has to look like to be perfect that I forget the perfect One who gave me life.

I need to recenter my life. Off of myself, back on Jesus Christ.

"Blessed Be Your Name" by Chris Tomlin

I love this, because not only is the singer acknowledging God's many blessings; he is saying that he will turn those blessings back

Ecclesiastes 4:8

Read it fully here.

As I stumble back into an endless cycle of envy, greed, self-deprecation, depression, then envy again... This verse was really, really convicting. Jealousy is a sin for a reason. I'm the type of person that would unwittingly allow myself to slowly disintegrate if it meant little by little I was reaching the kind of poster girl I saw others holding up. That's why this verse really stood out to me: "For whom do I toil and deprive myself of good?"
I once told myself and others, "Jealousy takes too much energy. Find your own bliss." And I love this philosophy so much, but it is hard to live by. We're always going to want to be some part of something that we are not. There is always going to be some other life that we want to live. But eventually, we just have to focus on the life that God has given us to live, and refuse to use comparison to ruin our happiness.

Why would we do that, anyway? Why would we torment ourselves with might-have-beens and I'd-rathers when we could be rejoicing as we point out the blessings we should appreciate in life.
It's what has been normalized in society.
But know this: someone is always going to have it better, someone is always going to have it worse. But trust the fact that everything in your life is there for a reason, is there to shape you.
So just because we wish to be completely uncoveting of anything doesn't mean complete gratification is easy. The popular verse, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me," is usually taken out of context. When Paul was writing his letter to the Phillipians, he was in a jail cell, yet he wrote about how he was still content and able to find joy. And this was a hard thing to do, which was why he wrote that he could do all things through Christ. Christ gives us the power of happiness.
Sometimes, the hardest thing to accept is what surrounds us. The life we live, and the self we are. But God has specially planned out every aspect of your life, and it's up to us to love it. It may not be easy, but every step is liberating, and the envy-free lifestyle is the one most rewarding with a strong relationship with Christ.

The simple ingredients to some blissful brownies!


Dear Lord,
Help me to manifest satisfaction in the life you have given me. Every moment in my life is a part of the journey of Your plan. Let me reign in the deep-rooted joy that You give me. Let me find the strength of contentment. Let me rest assured in Your wisdom, and have my wants align with Your will. You are greater than I, Lord, and let me hold this knowledge in my heart right along the appreciation for Your love. Your love shapes my life, and make me forever grateful.
Thank You,


You've seen sweet potato brownies. You've seen zucchini brownies. Banana, dates, all kinds of creative vegan bases for a delicious brownie. But have you ever had rice brownies. These were SO GOOD. If you've ever had Japanese mochi, or Chinese New Year's sweet rice cakes... It's kind of like that. But if you've never tried an Asian delicacy, these are a must have.
Perfectly gooey with the right bit of chewiness, the flavor on point, and just the right amount of sweetness.

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