Wednesday, March 4, 2015

MinuteMusings : Subliminal Messages {Tiramisu Ice Cream Recipe}

Life without music would be heartbreaking. Not to be cliche.
But, emotions tie to a soundtrack of my life. All of my experiences are backdropped by the beats, rhythms, and cadences blasting in my ears around each spot in the chronological timeline. Songs compound upon memories in my mind.
And speaking of memories, here is my favorite dessert ever as a child, only this time, it is healthy, vegan, and raw. Who would've guessed? Looks too delicious. ^,^

We are so absorbed in music. Sometimes, our preferences can speak volumes about the personality that others assume of us. Someone once told me that I look nothing like a person that would listen to rap music. And plot twist: My favorite musicals are actually written by a rap genius. Check out In the Heights and Bring It On and Hamilton. All with the brains of Lin Manuel Miranda behind them. (He's the embodiment of who I aspire to be when I grow up.)

Also, songs, with the lyrics that we doodle out on our composition notebooks, resemble the thoughts that they stole before we could form them. Words behind music scream the emotions that we haven't been able to label, and we pride ourselves in the memorization of albums at a time. (There was a period in my life when I knew virtually every word to Les Miserables, by the way.) In the end, our treasured selections are able to sum up a bit of our strong opinions and beliefs in a couplet or two.

And with each new listen, sometimes our beloved songs will give us an experience of a catharsis. I know that whenever just the right voice sings with correctly conveyed emotions the perfect words... My heart melts a little.
And personally, every single playlist takes me back in time.
I listened to a lot of American Idiot when I went for walks back in Taiwan, so now anytime "She's a Rebel" comes on I can smell the sun-soaked leather of the cars driving through suburban Guanmiao. When I hear "St. Jimmy, " I can feel the starchy sheets that scarcely covered my bed, the heat being so overbearing.
And with Next to Normal continuously singing me to sleep on the dark bus rides to school back in middle school, those musical numbers now remind me of the eroding fatigue I wore around through Harris County halls.

You guys: Music is capable of SO MUCH.

We take away so much from a random jumble of notes and beats.. So what about the subliminal messages? What about the ideas and background noise that we absorb with these songs?
I know, I know, I sound like a prude.
But I just realized the other day - that One Direction song that triggered the fan base of millions of twelve-year-old girls? It's actually got a terrible hidden message.
To quote "That's What Makes You Beautiful:"
"You don't know you're beautiful; that's what makes you beautiful."
That is so untrue to the point that I am questioning myself and how it took me this long to notice! You need never to be insecure to be beautiful. You need never to rely on the reassurance of someone else's compliments to form your own confidence. You are a unique individual, with a personality that no one is identical to. If the fact that you are a person like no other, if that is not enough to know that you are beautiful.. Then take my word. You are you, and that's what makes you beautiful.

This is the tiramisu being too delicious for me to not lick a bit during its photoshoot. (:

My Musing: Music impacts us more than we know. It makes up our culture, our identity. It has a power to form our opinions. But sometimes, we have to wonder about why certain genres speak to us.

Vegan Tiramisu Ice Cream

Ingredients Needed:
4 tbs coconut water and 4 tbs raw oats x2
1 date : 1tsp raw cocoa : 2 tbsp water
1 mashed banana : 1 tsp almond extract
2 bananas, frozen : 2 tbsp cocoa

Notice I gave you ratios this time. You can make however much you feel like making. I used about the exact given amounts, but for my date sauce, I used about three dates. (:


  1. Soak the raw oats and with the coconut water in the refrigerator overnight. You have your "Ladyfingers."
  2. Mash the dates in the hot water, and mix in the raw cocoa. You have your "Chocolate Sauce."
  3. Whip the banana (not frozen) in a high speed processor with the extract. In a Ninja Blender with a lot of air, you will get your "Whipped Cream."
  4. Lastly, blend the frozen bananas with the cocoa until a soft serve consistency. Here is your "Chocolate Cream."
  5. Layer in: Oats, Date Sauce, Whipped Bananas, Oats, Date Sauce, Whipped Bananas.
  6. Top with glorious, luscious, rich, and decadent banana ice cream.
  7. WOW. Yum.

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