Friday, March 20, 2015

JourneyJournie : Words, Words, Words (Green Goodness Jar Recipe)

My mother once told me that her by her co-worker's words, "bloggers never really know how to write." And that might be true to an extent on my part, as far as my colloquial, low-key, babbling updates about my life are. It's an ongoing diary basically, so I hope my scribbles are balanced out my these recipes. In reality, fictional writing is actually quite a passion. For your constant support though, gotta love my Scribblers! Here's a creamy meal of delicious raw vegan yum for you.

So today was the last day of school before spring break. Happy first day of spring to you all, for me it's also the first day of seven days that I get to endlessly sleep in on.
Really, though, everyone at Brookstone needed a rest from school. We just got done with the Wizard of Oz, our spring musical. The week before this one, there were six consecutive performances. I wasn't even in it, but everyone was afflicted by this wave of fatigue that blanketed the Upper School. There were people falling asleep in class, simply because the exhaustion was real.
But all the hard work definitely paid off. I went to see it Saturday night, and it was darn great.

I use +Organic Burst Spirulina!
Meanwhile, the academic team drove ourselves earlier that same Saturday to Newnan and bombed our way through a JV/Middle School competition. We took first in the state! State champs, with only three people in a four-people-team structured competition. Jocks on the mental scale. (;

Mmm. Just look at those layers.
And if you recall about the Thescon Playworks I won, my one-act gets a production. I get a production of my VERY OWN SHOW! You don't understand my excitement. I mean, I don't even know yet who's the director, or when this is going to happen. But I do simply know that I have to get rewrites done over spring break. So you see, this coming week is going full of me wracking my brains for creative originality.

Just another angle because yum.
Also, I found out that I won two Carson McCullers Literary Awards. It's quite flattering. These were stories that were both very dear to me. My outlook is this: God gave me stories to tell, so it's only right for me to give all the glory to Him. Of course, I will eventually share these words to this site. (:

And some nourishing goodness for you, here's a printable little recipe card for you. How convenient. Much love. Try it out!

raw vegan spinach spiraling ice cream made with bananas topped with a lot of fruit

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