Monday, March 9, 2015

JourneyJournie : Spring Cleanse {Fruit Salad Kale Tacos Recipe}

Spring is in the air, and as the snowman that freezes in all seasons excepting summer, I am incredibly happy about it. This also means that I can start to eat my nicecream towers and tasty vegan smoothies without having to shiver in front of the heater directly afterwards.
*Funny Conversation - Me: oh my gosh this is spring and this is great and i love the weather and oh look green in the grass! My Mother: those are weeds. (For more anecdotes and very vegan problems in 140 characters or less, follow my Twitter.)*
But anyway, spring is also a great day for a refreshing cleanse. Eating more than just predominantly raw, but fully raw, to give your digestive system a break. And for me, I'm taking a little trip to banana island.
Enough about me, though, and let's give you a recipe to get you kickstarted on a little more raw food in your everyday diet! Fruit Salad Tacos... Mmm. <3

I have definitely been very busy lately. I apologize for the lag in posting! However, I have additionally been trying to prioritize quality over quantity for the things that I share with you. Currently, I'm integrating a logo, remodeling my site, and trying to give you great content across all platforms. Come summer, I'm really going to buckle down. (:

Those COLORS! Eat the rainbow. (:

Also, because it's spring, we have started the process of filling out the forms for next year's classes. My hopeful plan includes AP Biology, Honors Chemistry, Honors Algebra II/Trigonometry, AP Art History, AP U.S. History, and, I'm aiming for Honors Spanish III.
I'm currently only in Spanish I. I didn't start Spanish until this year as a newbie to Brookstone, so I'm going to be very ambitious and attempt to learn all of Spanish II over the summer. I'll keep you updated on my linguistic adventures. (;

See, if I managed to learn some Spanish, it'd be one more platform of communication in language that I could add to my repository. It's no secret, I'm very much Asian, and therefore raised fluent in Mandarin. This proved to be very handy when some Chinese students came to tour Brookstone as a prospective campus. I got to play translator! And when you're a minority in a sea of overwhelming majority homogenous in culture, you get to connect very quickly when you meet someone that speaks the same second language as you. It was really cool, and just a bit of an insight as to how useful languages are. Can you ever believe I once hated being bilingual? Now, I hope to be trilingual by the time I graduate from high school.

And speaking of the future, summer is inching closer and closer as we breeze through spring. This year, I plan to spend my entire summer at the Springer Opera House's summer camp and intern for half, then participate in a four-week group. Auditions were held two weeks ago, and the crowd that I'm going to be spending the summer with is utterly enjoyable, so I'm undeniably excited.

Unfortunately... recently, perhaps because my schedule has been packed with boredom busying tasks... Plus, I've just started swimming again (on the local team, the Hurricanes!)... Well, my mind has been getting out of tune with my body.
So that's why I've decided to go on a little trip... To banana island. It's time for an enjoyable cleanse/reset.

• What is Banana Island? •

Monomeals are when you have a meal consisting of one single food - high carb plant food, of course - and you eat until you are satisfied.
Banana Island is what us fruitbats and 80/10/10 foodies like to nickname a cleanse/detox that consists of many banana monomeals. You can add some light flavorings to nicecream, some greens in a banana salad, etc. The idea is to keep it going for as long as you can, anywhere from 3-30 days.

The supposed benefits are better energy, happiness (possible Placebo, I know, but hey!), easier sleep, satiation, and not to mention - affordability!
I don't know how long my trip will be, but today is my first day, and I was able to push myself the hardest I have at swim practice since my days back. When I'm complete, I'll give you a more elaborate rundown with further expository details that also include my personal experiences. (;

Anywho, if you would find it easier to clean yourself out (mentally and internally) cold turkey {that's not a very good vegan idiom is it?}, then maybe taking off straight to the island will be the way to go. Good luck to you, and I hope your visit is enjoyable!
But if you want to gradually ease yourself into this lifestyle, or simply want a recipe to sustain you after you start with the detox, use my totally raw, completely vegan, recipe! This was my dinner two days before embarking on Banana Island.

Fruit Salad Kale Tacos

Diet Preferences: Vegetarian, Vegan, Fully Raw, Raw Vegan, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Paleo, HCLF
Preparation Time: 10 min
Kale Leaves, 3
Strawberries, 5-6
Pineapple, 1/2
Kiwi, 1
Orange, 1
Cucumber, 1
It's as simple as you would expect!

  1. Wash all produce very carefully. I'd suggest organic kale, since leaves are the most permeable and susceptible to pesticides.
  2. Peel the orange, kiwi, and cucumber
  3. Dice everything except the kale leaves. Dice the pineapple extra fine.
  4. Fill the leaves with the wonderful, colorful fruits!
  5. YUM. So hydrating, refreshing, light, and filling. Also, all those colors = fantastic vitamin provisions!

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