Tuesday, March 31, 2015

FruitfulYou : Proud to Be True {Cherry Chastity Pudding Recipe}

It's March! That means it is the beginning of the Spring season of the FruitifulYou campaign. This season's theme?
Refusing to conform. Don't quiet yourself. And accept the fact that you'll change, but never lose touch with the TRUE YOU.

We spend so much time questioning ourselves on whether or not others would perceive our actions as "weird." Then, we are slowly molding ourselves to society's self, and losing our identity. There are so many pressures to lean on some side of the spectrum.. And just as quickly, you are bounced back towards the other side.
Society demands you to perform one way, and then changes its mind once you reach the point where you thought you had appeased the strangling voices. So why are we even bothering to listen to the worthless words that demand for us to repress who we really want to be? Why are we refusing to be true to ourselves, and trying to find truth with others' opinions that are surely fake and fleeting?

So I say, flaunt your differences. Turn the world upside down with a newness of life.
Because when you are weird, you are unique. When you are unique, you are you. When you are you, you are true.
The most beautiful thing happened today. I was out, on my run, and at the midway point (or so I had planned, but I'm such a work in progress I ended up going a bit short), I stopped for a breather. And spontaneously, I started dancing. I felt like some active resting, but then step-ups seemed out of place. Instead, I started jamming to the radio in my earbuds, these songs I had never heard before. It was odd little steps to the rhythm, it was crazy arm spasms and head bobbing. But I danced like no one was watching, and it made me the happiest I've been in days.
When you can accept yourself for who you truly are, and love that you can be you in a world of everyone else, it will make you so happy. That is my hope for you. Be YOU. Be FruitifulYou.

Be colorful in a world of black and white.
Just like this jar of chastity pudding. (Haha, name explained below.)
Because remember, when it seems like everyone is staring at you, maybe it's simply because you are a rainbow. (:

Pst.. When you don't let the rice cool, and pile it in the mason jar while it's warm, layering the banana layer in between.. The banana mash melts so warm and sweet... aka Absolute HEAVEN. And yeah, I have named this new hybrid chastity pudding. It's what happens when you mix rice pudding and warm banana. It gets sexual. >x< #FoodPorn worthy. Try. It. Now.

sweet black cherry rice pudding with banana maca layer makes for delicious dessert hybrid

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