Sunday, March 22, 2015

Eat&Evaluate : Big Hero 6 (Vegan Sushi Recipe)

What's Special:
Unfortunately, I missed Big Hero 6 in the theaters, and watched it on rental, so there is no supplementary cover art for the movie. But to make up for that, I made the sushi BH6 color themed. It's the least bit of a tribute that I could give to Disney's newest animation. Modeled after the advances of technology in Japan and using that backdrop to spin an engaging story that echoes an Avengers-Power Rangers feel, it may not seem like the most entrancing movie, but I learned that this film is certainly not one to judge by the cover.

Why I Went to See It:
Like I said, I didn't go see it. Actually, I had a chance to. My old middle school friends and I were going to get back for some quality time and meet up for a movie... And the choices were between Big Hero 6, Annie, and Night at the Museum. The third movie in the Night at the Museum series won out, mostly because I, and some friends, looked at the Big Hero 6 posters and immediately thought, "no. Child's play."
But then, my father appeased my little sister a month later and borrowed it with a friend to watch it with her... And come family movie night, the demand was for this new little animation. My sister had absolutely adored it, some of my friends had mentioned that it was much more substantial than you'd think, so I decided to give it a go.

What Is It:
Hiro is a young robotics genius that, with guidance from his older brother, has recently become determined to make good with his skills and come up with a science fair project that will impress the right people and earn him a spot at the prestigious university his brother attends. (And he's so smart that age wouldn't be an issue.) But because it's Disney taking creative license, this teenager manages to come up with microbots that basically bend to your mind's control, forming anything you can think, and together holding impenetrable power. But such an ingenious idea gets taken advantage of, when a certain masked figure has stolen and besieged Hiro's microbots, using them for evil purposes. Hiro bonds with his brother's university friends to defeat this villain, somehow able to spin out high tech super suits for each of them that make them a squad of heroes. These friends are accompanied and protected by Baymax, the personal health assistant that Hiro's brother created. Baymax is the white blown-up robot patrolling the covers of this movie's ads, and in the movie becomes so lovable you find yourself wishing you were an engineer nerd just like the troop. Baymax helps Hiro through some tough times, his robotic bluntness making you smile with just the right amount of suppressed happiness, and think with just the right amount of meaningful deep thought.

The Evaluation:
When I initially denied going to see it in theaters, it's because the cover art gives you a balloon-esque white robot smiling like the cheesiest of plot lines.
But really, it's an endearing animation that holds onto you until the end without getting too corny, or coming across as trying too hard. And this is coming from a girl that normally doesn't enjoy animations. So unexpectedly lovely, I'd make it a family favorite. It's a feel-good film that leaves you warm, fuzzy, and entertained. Enjoy it with younger siblings, or same age friends that don't mind rediscovering the inner child we all have.

The Rating:
Agh, it's a mango! I love mangoes... You just have to let them sit a little, but then they get super ripe and sweet. (: It's worth the wait, because then they get addictive just as long as you give them time.

The Audience:
I'll do it. I'll be the cheesy, cheeky reviewer that brags how this film is for everyone. I'm usually never one to enjoy derivative PG movies, but this was a little exception. I don't think I've enjoyed an animation movie this much since The Incredibles. It was literally just as favorable by my dad as my sister and by me.

The Eat:

Yeah, yum. Sushi. A little nod to my Asian roots and to the Japanese inspirations of the film. (The setting is San Frantoyko.) Enjoy this delicious "Big Hiro Sushi," packed with fibrous brown rice, and hydrating vegetables.
Oh, and I bought paprika for the first time ever today. Wow, can NOT believe I haven't ever had this spice earlier! So worth the expensive price tag. It makes the perfect complement to these pieces of divineness.

recipe for nori wraps with brown rice red bell pepper cucumber alfalfa paprika

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