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FruitifulYou™ : Mister February - Warren Gallatin

Mister February:

High school is thought to be the condensed hub of negativity in life, and whenever there is someone that definitely stands against that, it's something noticeable and admirable. Warren attends my school at Brookstone, and here he shares his thoughts on why he thinks that judgment shouldn't overrule acceptance.

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Being Judged:

Something Warren said really stuck out to me, "Everyone's going to judge you, especially if they're not the same as you."
He doesn't let others' opinions matter beyond what they're worth. And when other people make assumptions about you that are completely untrue, it is worth nothing.


He's got his hands on a tidbit of wisdom that we all have to learn, sooner or later in life. Unlike most people his age, Warren already understands that no matter what you may do, or what you look like, or what you have... We are all equal. So putting others down, or trying to make yourself greater than you are, it's not worth it. You are you, and no one can change that.


In our interview, Warren talked a lot about how there is so much judgment nowadays, and how there always will be judgment. But a way we can change that is simply to think before we judge. Put yourself in their shoes, and think of all the differing factors between you and them. They are not you, so how could you judge them so?

Handling Hate:

He centered his confidence around the way he rolls off other people's comments. He tries to understand others rather than jump to judgmental conclusions, and through that, he learns to care more about the right opinions rather than the useless ones.

Spreading Smiles:

When asked how he encourages confidence and positivity, Warren answered, "I'm not a shy person." He is intent on spreading the upside of life to combat the downs and negative parts. He challenges himself to not put others down, but rather, lift them up.

Warren is a sophomore at Brookstone School, with a love for golf, and a respect for everyone.

Watch His Interview

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