Wednesday, January 28, 2015

WindowWishing : Wanderlust & Travel

Partially inspired by the fact that I recently and spontaneously received a rabbit. Yes, a rabbit. {Perhaps the lack of vegan friends has boiled down to that, you know? ^.^} I am henceforth inspired to go places. My rabbit - whom my sister has named Oreo because of the markings - is confined in a cage for five days out of the seven in a week, due to the time that the family simply does not have during the weekdays.
Well, I don't want Oreo in a cage to be a metaphor in my life.

I shouldn't complain. I've definitely no right. I mean, I've been overseas before almost five times. My family majorly dwells in Taiwan, the little island of the coast of China. So a tropical island I've more experience than the Southerners I go through daily life with. For this I'm very greatful.

But of course, we're always going to want more than we have. And just to make sure you square with me, I wanted to share some pretty amazing pictures that are wanderlust quality.
Follow Prep School Health Freak's board Wanderlust Wishes on Pinterest.

It's all handily contained in a digital Pinterest board.
I've recently decided to up my Pinterest game. Cleaned it up with some hand-picked, always drool worthy pictures of food, with diverse plates that appeal to all vegans. Boards include "Eat All the Carbz," "Vegan Chillax," "Porridge Porn," and "Rice is Bae." Just to give you a teaser.

So that's a WindowWishing advertisement for you. Go onto my Pinterest, and start stalking.
Comment below your travel goals!

And here is a bowl of veggies to accompany.

{Sweet potato, wood ear (yes, wood ear, it's an Asian fungus that is VERY good for you), and broccoli on a bed of steamed peas. Really have been loving peas lately. And gotta have broccoli for the protein and fiber. But still - remember to carb up the most!}

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