Sunday, January 18, 2015

VegsGoDevo : Enough {Galations 3:23 ft. watermelon and FruitifulYou Video}

Inspired: Sunday is always a fantastic time for worship, and Sunday School is an even better chance at fellowship. Because when you get to talk in a group of girls that are your age, they understand your same struggles. The relatable tether gave me a really good ground upon which to say what I want to share with you today.

You are enough.

"Free to Be Me" by Francesca Battistelli

I love the lyric, "perfection is my enemy."

Galations 3:23-25

Read it fully here.

I pulled out my metaphoric mind and looked at this a different way. Before we knew about Jesus's infinite love that was completely and exquisitely gifted, we had expectations of ourselves that we followed as a law.
We still do. Sometimes.
We have standards that we feel we must adhere to in order to be accepted: am I pretty enough? smart enough? skinny enough? likable enough?
But the faith that we find in Christ gives us the refreshing comfort and confirmation that we ARE enough. Christ, a perfect being, LOVES you, regardless of any standards you hold yourself against, and regardless of any mistakes you think exist in your life.
So once we trust in Jesus, admit ourselves into His love, we no longer have to cower in our comfort zone of meaningless standards. We are justified by Christ!
We no longer need the perfection mindset because God accepts us as we are. (:

Dear Lord,
In the times where I feel caged in by the standards I press into my mind and demand of myself, let me remember that I am forever redeemed by You. You love me exactly for who I am, and nothing is required by me for that. Remind me daily that I need not deceive myself, and these meaningless things I tell myself I need to be will not matter. Let me feel filled with Your endless, generous love forever.

Speaking about self-acceptance, the video that explains all about what the FruitifulYou™ Campaign is HERE!! Get pumped.


  • Simply a watermelon.
  • With lemon squeezed over it.
  • Eat. Yas. Use a spoon. :P

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