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TopicalFoodie : Je Suis Charlie {Raw Vegan Raspberry Cake Recipe}

Today: It has been 2 days since two gunmen walked into the editorial meeting of Charlie Hebdo and took the job of irrefutably condemning 12 lives. The movement that insists that the French power of freedom of speech is still alive has swept the international scale. Watch the real-time reactions of the world on Twitter here.

What Is Happening:
Satirical organizations tend to exercise their right to brass expression quite extensively. After all, it's not a G-rated world that we live in right now, and the extent of where humor lies can bleed into areas that are touchy for certain demographics. After all, look at the entertainment industry currently, and attempt to find creations that do not earn laughs by poking fun at others.
Charlie Hebdo is a French magazine that is known for its unabashedly blunt cartoons that tend to strike sensitive chords. Three men, Cherif Kouachi, Said Kouachi, and Amedy Coulibaly are being held as the perpetuators of a massacre at the editorial offices. Gunmen stormed the building, marched into a meeting, and carried through their justice with an exacting execution of the pen-wielders. 10 that worked for the magazine were killed, including the main editor, Stephane Charbonnier. 2 more police officers were killed, and others in hostage situations.

On the Other Side:
The Al-Queda has praised this attack. This makes people eager to call it an act of terrorism. The two Kouachi brothers were known in the U.S. database as "suspected international terrorists." The unofficial definition of terrorism would be these acts that are ghastly and create fear among the citizens afflicted.
But terrorism as understood on the perpetrator's side is different. All three men were also part of the the same jihadist groups. In Islam, jihad is a religious responsibility of Muslims, to struggle against unbelievers for the way of God. With Charlie Hebdo political cartoons that use all groups of people at the butt end of the punch line, there was sure to be some disagreement on how they would portray the Islamic community.
Attempt to understand their motive for this attack. But the question that we attempt to dislodge these gunmen on is, which is worse, the pen or the sword?

What I Have to Say:
It's understandable to become negatively reactive to the bullying put out by entertainment markets that make their stipend at others' expenses. But this in no way justifies the taking of lives. How far does the spectrum go in inclusion of freedom of expression, to outright provocation? It's a messy line that some will choose to challenge.
However, I believe that the pen is to be held above the sword, and that violence is never a suitable solution, retaliation, or vengence. Charlie Hebdo was within legal rights to publish their issues, and they disclosed all these opinions as entertainment. Words are an art, words are a message. Since when has journalism dwindled into a deadly sport?

Call to Action:
You have the right to say what you would like to say. Others cannot take a forceful approach to censoring your thoughts and words. It's important for everyone, while France is on a global stage, to take a side behind the Je Suis Charlie and advocate the fact that we can not decide to take retribution in our own hands with the usage of weapon. The pen is mighty, and there is a liberation of what it is capable of. We should be able to freely express every differing opinion we have as human beings without fear. Do not stop putting your words out there.

Raw Vegan Raspberry Cake

By Prep School Health Freak
Published: January 9, 2015
I promised this recipe once I reached 400 followers on my Instagram, and I sure have! Follow me HERE. As advertised, this cake is simply rawmazing, completely vegan, healthy, and simple to make - featuring only FOUR ingredients!

Prep time: 15 min
Cook time: Overnight freezing
Total time: 15 minutes and a night
Yield: 1 self-serving cake

Serving size: the whole dang thing, treat yourself
Calories per serving: what you deserve to eat
Fat per serving: this is a high carb low fat raw vegan recipe

Frozen Bananas, Sliced: 2 bananas
Raspberries, Frozen: 1 cup
Oats, Raw: 1 cup
Raisins: 1 cup
(Optional) Water: 4-5 tablespoons
>> Need: food processor, freeze-safe mold
  1. Freeze bananas and raspberries overnight
  2. Place oats in food processor and pulse until flour-like consistency.
  3. Toss in raisins and pulse with oats. Will become more crumbly.
  4. This is my signature crust recipe! Press tightly into bottom of mold.
  5. Dump the fruits into the processor. Using a processor versus a blender, you will be able to make a batter without water. If you use a blender, add water by the tablespoon.
  6. Once a thick and smooth consistency, pour on top of the crust.
  7. Cover and freeze.
  8. After a night, take out, top with strawberries, and give yourself a slice!
  9. And then another.
  10. And then another.
  11. Yeah, eat the whole thing. (:

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