Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fruitiful You™ : Miss January - Kandyce Whittingham

Miss January:

Imagine inviting a younger friend over to have a chat, and realizing that age does not compensate for the wisdom gap in your differences. Kandyce has been a close friend of mine since the times we took consecutive head positions in the office that runs our Harris County Middle School Theatre Department.

It is only fitting that she is the pilot Miss FruitifulYou.


Kandyce has an innate sense of confidence that is noticeable from the moment you start a conversation with her. There is no lag in her side of the dialogue from preoccupied dwellings on what you might think of her. She lives her life boldly with no precautions, and is simply incredibly comfortable with the person she is.


One of Kandyce's heaviest mottos is: "You do you." She understands that self-acceptance must walk hand-in-hand with the acceptance of others. Her promotion of the love and encouragement of her friends and all those she encounters is admirable.


As she says in her interview, Kandyce uses her life to boldly proclaim the importance of a relationship with Christ in her everyday walk. She states that a constant reaching for God is the way she keeps her sanity, focus, and confidence.

Handling Hate:

She is also very sound-minded in how she reacts to the ways that hate is afflicting the world. Merely, surround yourself with those that you know will reward you with their company. And her advice to push "against the status quo" of putting others down shows maturity beyond her years.

Role Model:

Basically, you could say this young girl is admirable for many reasons, but in this campaign it boils down to an over-simplification. She is on fire with the love she has for herself, and that is what carries on her love for others. She is a Miss Fruitiful You.

About Miss January:

"Kandyce is in 8th grade at Harris County Carver Middle School. She has been in 10 productions, such as Captain Louie, Jr. (ensemble); Singin' in the Rain, Jr. (asm/dora bailey); and Sideways Stories from Wayside School (ms. jewls); and is currently working on Seussical, Jr. (sour kangaroo). She loves Christ, music, vegan treats, and spending time with her friends and family."

Now check out her interview!

P.S. Want to be a FruitifulYou Model? Click the link below!

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