Tuesday, December 23, 2014

{Pilot} Fruitiful You™ : Definition of You {Colorful Sweet Pepper Wraps Recipe}

How do you define yourself? What you think of yourself is so influential on your mindset, drive, and life. So I'm here to encourage you that you live a lifestyle that frees you from caging mindsets that tell you that you have to be something. You don't have to be anything or anyone. (: You are yourself, and that is effortlessly all that you need to be.

Don't let numbers define you.
That means far more than the digital lines when you look down on a scale.
The GPA that is recorded on your transcript.
The zipcode in your address that tells what side of the town you live on.
The price tag on your clothes.
The number of friends you have.
The amount of money you make, or have.
The time that you think you have to live because some doctor told you some news.
The accumulation of regrets that you get hung up on, still.

Numbers can jail us in if we keep thinking that we can add to them or subtract from them. So can anything else we use to define ourselves that is not going to matter. Don't build yourself up and get hung on what does not matter.

Even the words that you absorb too heavily can form goals, expectations, and rules that are not what you have to settle into following. "You're pretty." "You're so nice." "How sweet of you!" Those can be the compliments that cheer your day, and I love that. I mean, I'm a heavy complimenter myself.
But don't ever let yourself think too seriously into them that you make this reputation a rubric that you will torture yourself by constant comparison.

Accept compliments as purely that, compliments.
Just never let yourself think that you will fail were that compliment to dissolve. (:

And especially evil are the insults determined to put anyone down.
"You're so annoying." "Ew." "No one likes you." Careless slips of the tongue can dig a little hole of insecurity that promotes self-hate in people.
Don't care what others have to say to you.
You can choose to let those words bring you down, or you can choose to astound those who attempt to cut you and continue on simply loving yourself.


Every Fruitiful You™ post is preluded with a series of FoodArt pieces featured on my Instagram. Here we have our #DefinitionofYou series. ^,^

Free yourself from how society defines self-worth.

Red Strawbs and Red Bell Pepper on Red Swiss Chard

Be you. And be proud of being you. RED is the color of love. Love everyone, love everything, but you can't fully love others until you love yourself. There is no greater liberation than when you honestly accept the fact that not everyone is alike. There are different traits to every person, so if you try to be someone that you're not, you won't be happy. Embrace every detail (and that includes what you misname as "flaws") that makes you you! (:

"Today you are you, and that is truer than true."
Dr. Seuss had the right idea.

You know how to become the most confident of yourself? Feel completely comfortable in your own skin. Know that you will direct your own steps, you can decide your own actions, and your opinion of yourself is the only own that you should ever change for.

Orange Peeled and Carved Oranges

Glow true. ORANGE is the color of glow. And glow is the fire of happiness you can be on. Because do you know - when you are confident, it is visible? People can see how comfortable you are with yourself, how much you love being you. And you literally are a glowing example of what people want to be.

That's the definition of •fruitiful• feeling beautiful with yourself and helping others to feel that same beauty in themselves.

I am one to believe that every single person is beautiful. And how do I define beautiful? Uniqueness. And everyone is unique. So simply being you makes you beautiful. (: There is no one like you, and that means that there is no one to define you. Nobody is like you, so who is anyone to tell you how you should be?

Yellow Sculpted Pineapple

And lastly, shine through. {That arrow means "through." ^,^} YELLOW is the color of shine.
You are the only copy of yourself. Believe me when I say that you are the beautiful that no one else can be. SHINE with your love, your kindness, your confidence, your habits of being you. Shine through all the hate, all the anger, all the crap that the rest of the world is going to throw your way. You have the power to defeat darkness with light.

Love yourself, because you are you. That is the definition of You.

Colorful Sweet Pepper Wraps
I loved this because it was perfectly sweet and savory, and hydrating and nutrient-dense.

  1. Dice and chop one of each: RED sweet bell pepper, YELLOW sweet bell pepper, and ORANGE sweet bell pepper.
  2. Soak the bits of pepper in pineapple juice. {When you buy pre-carved pineapple, there will be juice in the container, NOT confused with canned syrup.}
  3. Rip some leaves off of stalks of red Swiss Chard.
  4. Chop up the stalks of the Swiss Chard.
  5. Hold a leaf in your hand like a bowl, and scoop all the other ingredients in it.
  6. Wrap it up the best you can, and EAT!
  7. So many vitamins, colors, and joy for a meal. Enjoy. (:

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