Sunday, December 7, 2014

{Pilot} CreativeCravings : RawManda

In the Starlight:
RawManda is such an inspiration to me, and I don't even know her! But her site setup, recipes that span the vast spectrum across Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter, it's all what I aspire to grow my little baby site into. She is a high raw hclf vegan, with a talent for making healthy food look crave-worthy. Please check out her eats and more! She always posts her raw recipes, which also happen to be vegan.

What She Makes:

Right: She is a pro at raw desserts, making them look professionally delicious. It's a wondrous thing that she understands how to come up with a cure for those high-fat raw desserts that can make you feel a little sluggish. Here are her carrot cake balls.

Left: And something else I want to take after, she knows how important it is to also include savory things for people to taste. These genius FullyRaw teriyaki "meat"balls are all from her mind. Aren't you drooling already? Get the recipe now!

Below: Her skills at turning over her parents to see the amazing tastes that can be unleashed through healthy eating astound me and are the ultimate goal. ^.^ She totally dominated Thanksgiving with her fan with her RAW stuffing that simply looks scrumptious, and pumpkin pie tarts that are so delectable I want to make some right now. How to make this Thanksgiving feast? Get the recipes!

And last but not least, she doesn't just stick to the boring status quo of food bloggers. She's sweet enough to share little tips about this healthy lifestyle to those who need it. Like this highly beneficial read where she talks about how to Stay Healthy During the Holiday Season.

Do You Crave It?
So now I look to you for opinion. Do you crave it as much as I do? Respond in the comments below! Till then I will leave you with her bowl of FullyRaw pad thai with kelp noodles! Someone please make this for me!

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