Tuesday, December 16, 2014

MinuteMusings : Gender Roles (Mango Chia Pudding Recipe)

Now: There is the word equality whispered everywhere, and it has many branches of meaning to it. There's marriage equality, gender equality, racial equality, social equality... The world has come to be a very judgmental place, and everywhere there are heroes marching for justice. In a daytime zoning-out, I came across a musing I would like to share with you. I wonder if gender roles are the cause for the creation of "new genders?"

My Musing:
Over Thanksgiving, my AP Human Geography teacher assigned us a take-home test, and one of our questions that I took a ponder at a little deeper was "Define Gender. What role do gender roles play in our culture?" This was my answer:

Your gender is biologically determined at birth, whether you have the extra X chromosome or a Y. In context, though, gender is how society expects the difference between men and women to be showcased. Gender roles are what people in your culture demand of your social behavior because of your gender. In our culture, expectations of the activities you enjoy, the abilities you excel in, the career field you are to pursue are molded to each gender. Note how many women are treated with odd and profound reactions when they state that they don’t want children, because the gendered role for women is oftentimes limited to the caregiver and mother of a household, dependent upon a husband for provisions. And boys who are more peaceful and sensitive are ostracized in their youth by their peers who have absorbed the gendered role imposed upon them by their environment that tells them that boys are to be the tough, machoism-defined, and insensitive brutes.

Now, I got a mark off, ~and I'm definitely not saying this to call the teacher out~, but I got a mark off because I replied that your "gender" is biologically determined at birth. This is incorrect. Your SEX is biologically determined at birth.
And this got me to thinking.
So how do I say this without offending? Well, I guess I really can't please everyone. Some may agree with me, some may blatantly want to fight my words, and some will just nod and take it in stride.

Well, first off. I think I should just say that I personally believe that homosexuality is not a genetic inheritance. I believe that it is a, whether subconscious or conscious, choice. This may surprise you, what with my activism as a less-than-latent feminist and self-love promoter.
So let me clear that up, I believe that a homosexual lifestyle is a choice.
But that does not mean in any way, shape, or form do I elevate myself to a status where I can judge them. I know that there are many traits of myself that a lot of people probably don't agree with, but I still love myself. And I want everyone to love themselves. So though I'm not perfect, and can, like everyone, rub off the wrong way sometimes (A LOT), I do want you to know that I love everyone. (:

But the world is making it harder for you to love being yourself. If you are an ambitious career woman, who couldn't ever dream of settling down and becoming that pin-up image of a stay-at-home mom, you are judged. If you are a man who would rather look up gorgeous houses with breathtaking views and market them to others, the moment you show up to work with skinny jeans, you are judged.

What I want to say is that perhaps gender roles are the reason for this homosexual lifestyle on the rise. Boys that like to express their creativity with Barbie house forts, and girls that like to think about how to build houses with Legos, they are being judged before they are even grown, and growing up in a demeaning condemnation that is telling them they are not "girl" or "boy" enough.

Yes, I do believe that marriage is a sanctity designed for man-and-woman. But I'm trying to say that I understand how people could feel differently. Gender roles have pushed our understanding of "girl" and "boy" into far too confusing positions. This is what I think is forcing people to identify as a sex that they were not genetically born as.

My point: Just because you have likes and dislikes that don't fit with what society does not define as "girlish" or "boyish" does not mean that you are not a boy, or are not a girl. Everyone is unique with their own hobbies and passions, and that in no means identifies your gender. You can be you without having to change your presentation to something you think the world will accept a little better.

I say this all in love. <3 I apologize immediately if any of you take this with offense, that you feel that way, because that is in no way my intent.

DISCLAIMER: This is my musing. If you find fault with this, feel free to make your belief/opinion known in the comments below, and I'll be completely open to a conversation. (: Stances are stances, and they can change as the person that hold them changes. I'll talk with you, and you can always talk to me! ^.8

What is this delicious recipe?
Mango Chia Pudding

  1. Puree one mango and add water until blendable.
  2. Add in about 1/4 cup chia seeds.
  3. Top! I used persimmons and bananas. Mmm.
  4. Spoon into mouth, savor, enjoy. (:

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