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JourneyJournie : Oat So Much to Do {Blueberry Zoats Recipe}

Well, since last time. What happened since last time anyway? It's been so long and so busy.
I love these JourneyJournies a little selfishly, because perhaps they do only benefit me. Unless you do like learning about the mundane details of my life. Well, I try to balance it out and give you a little something more. Like a recipe. And I'm really proud of this one. So read to the bottom.

Thanksgiving Break was aka Family Time. Which is basically what it's supposed to be, right? I loved having a break, like an actual break where I could stop worrying about school, and spending some quality time catching up with the people I live with, yet hardly see. (We're all so busy!) I mean, I even managed to fit in some Black Friday rummage shopping with my mother. I haven't been shopping in about five months, so it's nice to reconfirm that I am a consumer of more than food once in a while. :P

Then the ACTUAL busiest week of my life. It was a wow moment when I realized we were done. There was so much packed into last weekend, I don't think I saw my family enough.

The debate team is still going strong, and Wednesday was a new concept day, so we learned about Lincoln-Douglas debate.
Then, Thursday we had a chorus concert. And this time, I actually knew what I was singing! Wow, that sounds really bad. But like I told you, I am by far totally not the best singer ever. (So shoutout to Taylor Swift's birthday being today. I have about ten years to be as famous as her now, haha.) So it's always really hard for me to hold my awkward alto harmony. I usually end up drifting over to soprano, or sometimes just honestly losing what I'm supposed to be doing. I end up mouthing the words.

But before the concert on Thursday, we had little mini-auditions for IEs. Which means, "Am I good enough to go and compete at the Georgia Thespian Conference?" ThesCon is amazing, and I'm ecstatic that I am able to take my two monologues there for an adjudication. I will be performing a piece from Baby with the Bathwater and a piece from Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

ThesCon talking lead me to...
HARRIS COUNTY TALENT. Because if you're a theatre kid, you understand how your first Thespian troupe never leaves your heart. The memories of being dressed in complete black underneath quick change costumes as you wander around backstage waiting for your spotlight doesn't fade out easily. So though I am now officially Troupe #2936 (read on for elaboration), I am always and forever Troupe #88558 in my heart.
So I went to see the Harris County High School Christmas play, In-laws, Outlaws, and Other People Who Should Be Shot. It was a chance to see just about all of my old friends on stage, and that's always endearing. The play was so cute and feel-good, with flawless tech transitions. Yay for Christmas spirit. ^*^
BUT IEs, OH EM GOODNESS. Wow. I'm not kidding when I say that Harris County has got insane talent. There were songs and duets that totally hit the mark on amazing. Harris County Theatre has got to date some of the most legendary voices I know, the most passionate actors, and the most dedicated theatre kids. So excited to see them at ThesCon!

Then the weekend came with a swim meet Saturday, the Thespian Induction ceremony, and then a secondary chorus concert at the botanical gardens. But I got a picture with Santa, so the busy-ness was worth it! Haha, my parents never gave me the myth of a Santa Claus, so it's fun to try and relive a little of childhood at times.
At the swim meet, I managed to shave around 7 seconds off my 100 free time! But I was really bad to begin with, so it means a little less to the outside world. But for me, that just means I'm slowly getting better. ^.^
And after inducting everyone, the officer positions were announced for this high school troupe of Thespians at Brookstone. I am Historian! Which means I'll basically be a ready cheerleader for every Troupe #2936 event and an avid photographer.

Then we had a piano recital the a-few-days-ago Thursday, and I played a Chopin piece which I literally messed up on so much that I probably wrote a new piece! .*>* Haha, it probably didn't go as smoothly as I wanted it to, but even with a mess of wrong notes, I kept going, and according to the audience, they couldn't tell. So perhaps it went well. (:

And just yesterday we had a our final swim meet of the 2014 year, and I got to see a lot of people at this one, it being only in LaGrange. Harris County and some old classmates were there, some old friends from Springer and my old swim team The Barracudas were there. So pros of living in a small Southern county, I guess, is that it literally is such a small world.
Ps, I shaved 3 more seconds off my 100 free time. Yay!

And now finals coming up. Because I have so much studying to do, I literally am sitting at home right now while my mother takes my sister grocery shopping (which for me, is a wonderland), procrastinating on reviewing biology because I'd rather gift you guys a recipe. Well, without further delay, here it is!


Recipe: Blueberry Zoats
This was my first time trying zoats. And yeah, that means oatmeal with zucchini. No, don't "eww" me before you try it. I spent precious time that I probably should spend studying right now on typing up this post, so don't leave me hanging.

This makes about four normal servings, and two servings for two very hungry people.


  • Water
  • 2 Cups Oats
  • 2 1/2 Cups Blueberries
  • Coconut Sugar (optional)
  • 1 Zucchini
  • Toppings: Bananas, Raspberries, Grapes, Sesame Seeds


  1. Dice a zucchini into tiny pieces. About a fourth of a dime large. Shredding or processing might work easier.
  2. Fill a pot with the oats. Fill with water until it covers the oats.
  3. sprinkle in the oats.
  4. Heat until a little more resistance to a stir.
  5. Pour in the blueberries.
  6. Put on low heat and stir until a mushy, but not dry, consistency. Add water if needed.
  7. Turn off stove and let cool, now stir in coconut sugar to taste. (I don't like my oats too sweet, so I didn't even use any.)
  8. Have fun topping your bowl with whatever your palate would like! I used what was pictured. (:
DISCLAIMER: Sorry the pics came out kinda gross, the days are getting darker what with the winter.

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