Thursday, December 25, 2014

JourneyJournie : Merry Fudgin' Christmas {Vegan Coconut Fudge Recipe}

Guess what my Christmas present to all you precious readers is? It's good. Maybe even better than this fabulous fudge that I made for my dad.
Because he was demanding his favorite Christmas dessert, and I said that only if I could healthify something made of saturated animal fat and refined sugar. And it was literally yumminess-approved by mom and dad. So get excited. Read all the way to see what I am giving to you wonderful fans.

So I have been really loving Christmas break! Finals week just about killed me, but it was also a great realization time when I realized that it's great to care about grades, and trying your hardest is key. But it's so important NOT to overkill yourself. Keep learning as your main priority, not the numbers on the report. (: That's what my post right below this one kind of touched on. Read it!

Anyways, foodie problems, I literally woke up and made some choc nicecream before sitting down to presents. ^>^ But I got some Organic Burst thing-a-lings, mason jars, a precious @thrivingonplants inspired salad bowl, a Ninja set on the way, and other things. (:

But because I wanted to give something as well, to all my supporters since August. (Wow, it's only been a few months, literally.) So because some of my loves that show up regularly in my Instagram feed are super active in the Youtube community, I thought I could join the party! Yass!

So excuse the bad indoor lighting, the messy hair (cuz I don't care), and the quick ol' editing. But give it a watch and subscribe, because WONDERFUL things are coming. ((:


Anyways, this fudge is, sadly, high-fat, not high-carb. So I wouldn't gorge myself if you wanted to get around the lethargic feelings of excessive fat intake. ^,^ But it is delicious. Even my mom and dad agreed so, which is a huge step for me in food endeavors. Usually they won't even try anything "healthy" branded. My sister would only sniff it, but I have high hopes!

Vegan Coconut Fudge
  • Desiccated Coconut
  • Coconut Milk
  • Coconut Sugar
  • Orange
  • Hot Water
  • Stovetop
  • Pot
  • Spoon
  • Patience
  1. This process is quite tedious. (: First, we're going to turn that desiccated coconut to basically butter. This includes blending until it is a thick, crumbly, almost oily consistency. Processing is probably better. *Can't wait for my Ninja set (with a PROCESSOR) to get here!*
  2. I processed the last of my shreds and ended up with about a little over a cup of the crumbly consistency. Then I added hot, boiling water up to the 1 1/2 cup mark.
  3. Blend some more. It's basically some homemade pulpy coconut butter now.
  4. Now you've gotta open a can of coconut milk. Mine was a 12 oz can. Open it up, and scrape out the whip on top. You want to pour the milk only into a pot.
  5. Stir the coconut butter into the milk.
  6. Sit the pot on medium-low heat on the stove, and STIR continuously.
  7. Ready for the use of your patience? You're going to stir this thing until its consistency will be thick enough to roll slowly off the spoon.
  8. Don't stop stirring! But now you can add in a 1/2 cup of coconut sugar. If that's still not sweet enough for you, add in some more by the quarter cup to taste.
  9. Eventually it will become thick enough, and hopefully you were endlessly stirring so none of it burned and stuck. (: Now you can turn the heat off.
  10. Pour into your mold. Let it cool a little as not to damage your fridge. Sprinkle some orange rind on top!
  11. Let set in freezer overnight.
  12. Take out, pop out of mold, then thaw for about ten minutes before you carve it up to serve!
  13. Now treat yourself! It's Christmas!

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