Saturday, November 1, 2014

What's in a Name? aka Label Integration Day!

Today is World Vegan Day. I think that's celebratory. So what a coincidence that today is also the day I introduce to you the way I'm going to split this blog twelve ways to have a branch for every interest you could possibly want catered by me. ^*^ Excited!

This was my first attempt at an original baking recipe, and it turned out delicious, I thought.
Now, click that "Read More" below and find out what all I am bringing to you!
I will be following up with a pilot post for each subject, as well as supplementing tab on the top of the blog home. As time progresses, I will elaborate on what my plans are for each area, and support with examples on what you can expect out of this part of my site. My hope is to have all of these piloted by December 5; however, the end of this year is my absolute cutoff.

1. ComplementDeets
So you know I have hinted at this one severely. This is when two foods go so perfectly together and simply round each other out. I have mentioned how bananas and dates go absolutely spectacular coupled with each other. It'll be like that.

2. RecipMes
I have received comments and feedbacks asking about recipes, and how it would be great to have exact measurements to follow. Well, I really appreciate your interest, and I will answer. However, these will be recipes my way, because I believe that A) The star of the kitchen should be the diner, and B) Everyone has different recipe preferences.
RecipMes are recipes starring YOU. I will tell you my ingredients and procedures, but as for amounts, I will give you choices with the effects of each choice so that you can tailor your meal to your palate. (:

3. VegsGoDevo
Since I've joined the food community, it's been such a nice experience, getting so much positive and encouraging support! On Instagram, there are other foods accounts offering me kind comments on my pictures, and it is such a happy environment. So I want to give my own source of encouragement. I am a girl with Christ in her heart, and I would like to offer Vegs, Vegetarians, and Health Freaks that also happen to be interested in little spiels about the Word of God a devotional that appeals to both aspects of their lives.

4. Fruitiful You™
A lot of girls transition to this healthy lifestyle as a recovery from anorexia nervosa, bulimia, binge eating disorder, or some other unhealthy relationship with food. This opens my eyes to the lack of confidence our society projects and communicates. We should accept ourselves as we are, completely beautiful, boy and girl alike, and spread that confidence fruitfully. So I have decided to kickstart my very own self-acceptance and confidence campaign that encourages everyone to love themselves and use that empowerment to help others self-love as well. (;

5. TopicalFoodie
I hate how occasionally, girls are typed as air-headed, ditzy, and just not serious. I disagree, and that's where I root a passion for my self-defined feminism. I want to be current, updated, and knowledgable about what's going on in the world, and give you my take as an equality advocate on the happenings of our world.
I am a member of the FIRE (Feminism Inspires Real Equality) Club at our school, and our leader, Dr. Belle Harrell, gives me serious happiness with her patience and understanding. We share notable events of equality improvement and thought-provoking articles and videos. It's quite a worthwhile group to be a part of.

6. Eat & Evaluate
Well, you already know I'm a theatre junkie, and I love shows. And everyone is guilty of having experienced a night in with a movie and a meal. So my goal is to offer a healthier and more elaborative twist on that general idea. I'll watch/read/listen to some kind of media, give you a roundup of my opinions and criticism, as well as a side plate. Yay! ^,^

7. AdviceWithASide
I'm only starting out in high school. And I double as highly ambitious, which is part of why I'm completely overloading this blog in your face right now. (; But as myself, a still young and naive girl in life, I'm bound to experience some life lessons. Some that perhaps you will learn before or after me. But just in case I beat you to life's trial-and-error bits, I'll share them with you, along with a side of scrumptious food. Fruitful is an example.

8. BusyMess
Like I just pointed out above, I'm ambitious, an over-doer, and I feel out of it if I'm not incredibly busy and completely booked. So occasionally I'm just a BusyMess. It's the business I specialize in. (Hurry for bad puns!) And it's also a very good description of my art, a busy mess. See, I can't draw. However, I have received the comment, "Oh, you and your calligraphy" many times. I draw words. And I've never really had an audience to share my little creations with. But now I do, and I'm ecstatic to share with you my doodles in a small little subsection. Also, I'll occasionally make them relevant in a "Dear Auntie Em" sort of way if anyone has any dilemmas they want an outside opinion on. (:

9. JourneyJournie
This is the aspect that my blog has majorly been consisting of anyway. Journies (Journal Entries) of my Journey. This is my digital food diary portion that serves as a record of my high school years, and I rejoice if it brings you any sort of entertainment as well. (:

10. MinuteMusings
Can we just agree on the fact that if you are human and a young person, you have moments when you just conclude that you are, in fact, a philosopher? I'm no exception, even if you happen to be. So this would include a weekly roundup of my very memorable Elim-original quotes, featured with a bunch of Twitter adjuncts, as well as boards that are more poetic and aesthetic on Pinterest. It's a broadening for all horizons.

11. WindowWishing
And this is for every single human that's ever coveted. I know that jealousy is never the best moment to live inside, but we all have wishes. Window shopping, bucket lists, wish lists, I've got you covered, and I'll put the words inside your mind, and possibly even give you wants you never knew you had. It'll be an experience. (;

12. CreativeCravings
Last but not least, I'm one of very many food blogs out there, and one of very many other groups that I identify myself with. So there are many people who simply have better creations/recipes/products/ideas that I will love and love to share with you. Eventually, I'll even set up a form through which you can submit something you want me to repost!

And that's the hoo-haw on what's going now here at this HTML location. So from now to the end of December, I'd stay very close on the tail of my posts if I were you, it'll be new and lovable. [-:

And a side note on Halloween (so perhaps this is a JourneyJournie), my friends and I dressed up as zombies in pajamas, because we were DEAD TIRED. *Cue canned laughter.* And there was also a generic cave girl. But as tradition has it, we went around and trick-or-treated for cans to donate to a canned food drive that would work towards providing a Thanksgiving meal to those without sustenance. <3

{Choc Pumpkin Cupcakes with Pomegranate and Coconut Confetti. Agh, I love pomegranate! And mom was nice enough to get some for me. This was an experimental recipe that I made myself following nothing but my instincts, and I'm really excited it turned out so delectable! This will definitely be earmarked as a RecipMe, once I remake it to be a little more perfect. *.* Pomegranate seeds are powerful. It's a superfood that helps stomach upsets, hot flashes, flu, inflammation, and cholesterol. It's antioxidant-rich as good-for-you fruits tend to be, and wonderful addition to any dessert. Yay!}

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