Tuesday, November 4, 2014

{Pilot} TopicalFoodie : Women Shouldn't Vote?

{Here, we'll always start with a teaser, just as any post.}
Today: Election days are today. Not for a new president, but for a majority of senate positions and all of house seats. It's midterms! We're making the decisions for the lawmakers of our country today. But there are media sources pushing women from voting.

{I'll elaborate a little more on this.}
What Is Happening:
The conservatives have been stating that women can not take an appropriate, founded stand on their political opinion because they aren't as serious as men. Women aren't the managers of the household, therefore it's not necessary for them to "be on the jury" as they lack wisdom. Tucker Carlson dared to generalize our gender's intelligence and accurate right to opinion as to be on the same level of a homeless population. He targets women when he says that those uninformed should not vote. The right wing is pointing at the Democrats and looking down at their tactics of reaching out to the female side of voters, and saying that we women are mindless and unable to formulate our own, legitimate stance. Lena Dunham is being ripped apart for urging others to vote in her own individual voice. The creative and bubbly girl we know is being ridiculed for her relatable deliverance of a broad encouragement for more citizens to take up their opportunity of being able to give their say in this country.

{But I'll look on the reverse bias of the side I take.}
On the Other Side:
Are some women this way? Sure, some women are irresponsible, ill-informed, and probably not even fully knowledgable about their voting decisions. But aren't some men exactly the same way? There are people in America that couldn't care less about when another election is, and in that group, there are men and women. I don't believe that women should be stereotyped for this strict, straight mold of ignorance that we know nothing about what happens on a larger spectrum around us because traditionally our business has stayed incredibly close to home. But times are changing, and there are women out there killing it in the workforce, making the offers, cashing the paychecks, and being the ones to spark debates.

{Here is my personal take.}
What I Have to Say:
I'm obviously not of voting age yet. But that doesn't mean that I'm not just as susceptible to being angered by this sort of injustice to the female gender. To group an entire half of the American population under the assumption that we are not politically cultured and developed enough to put our say into the "real issues" makes me wonder how dedicated the other half of our population is to these actual "real issues." Can we stop putting down people and targeting a gender with the message that we can't vote? It is this mass-aim that is degrading the female gender as a people, when we are grouped into an immense group and given these labels of insignificant meaning and ability... This is when we lose respect from the world.

{What should we do about this?}
Call to Action:
Girls, women, anyone that is offended when you hear about this sort of casual insult. Don't let it be applicable to you. Don't let gender be any sort of a hindrance to your education of the current world around you. Don't let gender be an excuse used for the reason you aren't updated. Don't let others point to you as a girl, as a woman, and say that you have no opinion that should matter because you have no understanding of the real world. I encourage you to do your research, fund your knowledge, grasp and come to your own understanding, and VOTE. (:

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