Sunday, November 16, 2014

{Pilot} MinuteMusings : Thanksgiving Tendencies

{A little intro that gets straight to the subject.}
Now: Thanksgiving is coming up very, very soon. One of those holidays that America can lay a claim to all by itself. But sometimes there is that buzzing that converts many perspectives from viewing the day as a [genuine celebratory reminder of our fortunate luck of new friends of the first Americans] to a single day of feasting.

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And I totally get that, which is why I'm featuring this really rad Pinterest board all for EATs-giving. Friendly to any health-conscious. Because taking the bird out of Thanksgiving shouldn't be a main travesty. At all.

Thanksgiving for Taste
But I do encourage everyone to remember the real traditions of Thanksgiving. We live in America, and by comparison to many different countries, that is a blessing in itself! Take good care of your blessings by counting them. Give thanks. So here's another fab Pinterest board where I restore your Thanks in Thanksgiving.

The Thanks in Thanksgiving
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What will my feed have to say about Thanksgiving? Snarky little narrations in 140 characters that bring a little satirical humor into your life, very much worth the follow.

Pro: Food, food, food.
Con: "ever ate so much your stomach is just like lolololol no"
Pro: Family and love.
Con: "'but they're family' is probably the best excuse ever"
Pro: Reunions.
Con: *parents start digging up every embarrassing story existing*
Pro: Having a meal altogether.
Con: *sitting down at the dining table does not even show the kitchen frenzy ten seconds before*
Pro: Giving thanks.
Con: "having a feast in front of you makes it a bit harder to focus on giving thanks"

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{My minute-long musing.}
My Musing:
You know, Thanksgiving was originally all about friendship, and how unconditional it was. If you think about it, the Native Americans helped the Pilgrims tremendously simply because they needed it. They saw a genuine need. When was the last time you helped out expecting nothing in return?

Let Thanksgiving hold true to the reminder the holiday was rooted as. Give thanks for everything in your life, and everyone in your life. Observe the life around you, and notice that it's not dead. Give back to life, and prove that chivalry is not dead.


{What is this delicious food?}
A fruit platter for a hungry fruitbat to start the mornings! Just a little fall color-themed to match the Thanksgiving vibes of the post!

Pineapple Slices
Sungold Kiwi Circles
Pomegranate Seeds
Sunny Orange Rims
Plum Crescents

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