Saturday, November 8, 2014

{Pilot} BusyMess : gRAWnola gracioso

{Explanation of Title/Teaser}
Well, here's my own little accumulation of one of my fave feel-good Broadway shows and some feel-good-even-more raw granola.

{And then of course I'll let you see where this is from, if applicable.}
These are some of the opening lines from The History of Wrong Guys from Kinky Boots the Musical. See a bit here!

And listen to the whole song here. It's hilarious and cute.

{Now just exactly why I love these words.}
I love Annaleigh Ashford, she's adorable. Her performance of this song is the embodiment of comedic goals. And Kinky Boots has won the Best Musical Tony Award, if that means anything to you. >.< And I'm the girl that lives for Tony performances. Haha, much love. I really hope you liked the song! It's so cute.

{What is this fantastic food?}
Here is my go-to gRAWnola snack. It works for breakfast, too. All I do is mix some raw oats with raw cacao powder, and frozen berries! I used blueberries and strawberries for this one. The sweetness of the berries balanced the slight bitterness of the cacao, and the frozen berries were perfectly chewy with the oats. Yummy. ^,^

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