Friday, November 28, 2014

JourneyJournie : Up Until Thanksgiving {Make 3 Kinds of Hummus with Me!}

There will be a recipe for each bowl, no worries, no matter how rudimentary. So hang on through the read. (: Because it is Thanksgiving! And I love cooking for others, you know me. So of course I was going to make as many healthy vegan dishes I could manage. This here is just one of the features, hummus three ways. There's edamame, curry chickpea, and beet!

But lately, I've been really busy, so I thought I'd share with you some of the excitement that comes with the semester coming to an end. While I've been posting about other things to please the Internet supply of an audience, in real life I've been super hectic!

First off, two weekends ago, I had a packed weekend. That Friday, right after school, we headed straight to Macon to a swim meet at FPD. Each person swam up to four events. That meant for me, swimming a 50 Freestyle event, a 100 Free, and being part of a 200 Freestyle Relay and a 200 Medley Relay. Let me tell you about their pool, though. It was outside. There was this sort of wedding tent around it, and heaters around the edges. Which meant the concrete floor was still ice cold. There were congregations around the sporadic heater we found. Seriously the kind of thing that makes you appreciate the indoor air circulation maintained at our local aquatic center. (:
Then, Saturday immediately after that popsicle of a night, I had to be back at school at 5:45 AM for an academic bowl competition in Atlanta. Let me tell you, the thing was called the Harvard Mirror, and I soon realized how over my head every one of those questions was. Sometimes the opposing team would buzz in before I realized they were asking a question. There were paragraphs read that described some literary author, historic world event from ancient times, random physics law, or simply something I had never heard of. The only ones I happened to get right were when I answered with the first correlated word that popped into my head after the question and it happened to be right. To be honest, sometimes I didn't even realize that they were asking a question.
But it was sincerely fun. I learned a lot if anything at all. ^.^

The Wednesday after that, Brookstone had a field trip day, with science kids going to have a tour of the Auburn science department, French kids going to museums, and I went with the crowd headed to the Model UN competition. My friend and I were representatives of Rwanda in the International Summit branch. That meant difficulties role-playing, of course. The resolutions we tried to pass that were desperately single-mindedly favoring ourselves were refused.
We did bond together with Israel and Ukraine to pass a super resolution, though. We implemented teams of response to immediately follow the ERI teams after any epidemic outbreak and educate the citizens about basic prevention methods.
Then, after a lull, France came up with the idea of a malaria Hunger Games, and that's where things got memorable. It was controversial, taking malaria victims in third world countries and having them battle for a village's worth of vaccinations. However, Rwanda took the role-playing mindset and decided that, as a poor nation, we made the mock decision to support it. Needless to say, it was shut down. Though I have to say, in General Assembly they legalized recreational neurotics, prostitution, and a purge. I think France should've at least gotten a chance to present their idea.

And then the rest of the week following you could literally feel everyone waiting for break. I was so ready. Friday once school got out I got myself 40 ounces from Smoothie King then headed home to sleep. I managed to sleep for 18 hours straight. Whoa. *.*

But I guess I needed that sleep because potentially scary finals are coming up. ^o^
And in my piano elective, my final exam will be playing a Chopin Polonaise in front of a crowd. Yep, there's a recital coming up the 11th, and I'm not exactly sure how ready I am. Wish me luck!

Anywho, Christmas time is in full-on swinging session, and with the Thanksgiving family vibes being the best comfort, I send thoughts of love to all you readers!


Edamame Hummus:
  1. Take two packets of edamame pods and steam them.
  2. De-pea them until you end up with about a cup and a half of the peas.
  3. Add a teaspoon and a half of sea salt and a half a teaspoon of finely ground black pepper.
  4. Process all together until smooth and in a sticky mixture.
  5. Eat with celery, carrot, or sweet pepper dippers!
Beet Hummus

  1. Take a can of pre-sliced beets.
  2. Drain and rinse.
  3. Process until smooth.
  4. Refrigerate for an hour, then carefully dab a paper towel around the sides to absorb the excess liquid and firm up the mixture.
  5. Eat with celery, carrot, or sweet pepper dippers!
Curry Chickpea Hummus
  1. Take a can of Garbanzo Chickpeas.
  2. Drain and rinse.
  3. Empty into processor, ending up with about 1 1/4 cups. Add in a heaping teaspoon of curry powder spice, the juice of a forth a lemon, a teaspoon of roasted sesame seeds, and two pinches of pepper flakes. 
  4. Process. Add sea salt and pepper to taste. Process until a smooth and sticky texture.
  5. Eat with celery, carrot, or sweet pepper dippers!

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