Tuesday, November 11, 2014

JourneyJournie : Berry Bound

Well, a lot has been happening. I'm initially very loaded with school in general, but now I'm working to make this site more official, featurable, and expendable. I don't know how things will turn out for this site, but I want to believe that I'm "Berry Bound" for success! Don't be afraid to give me feedback on all this new sub-sections! I love hearing your recommendations and criticisms.
Unfortunately, the new busy-ness has made for less opportunity for my personal tidbit inserts into the time capsule section of the blog. So JourneyJournies are now going to be structured much more densely.

Thanksgiving is coming up soon, and since I know that all foodies alike love to jump on that, I will take that as a MinuteMusings pilot opportunity and will likely prompt you with a Pinterest board and everything. (: Coming soon, stay tuned!

Before Thanksgiving, there was Halloween. If we do a throwback to that, I did indeed still go trick-or-treating, and dressed up. NEVER too old to be a kid. Never old enough to not be a kid. *>* Satirically sad thing, I know, but I refuse to submit into the sexualization for Halloween costumes. ^_^ My friends and I dressed up as zombies in pajamas because we were, ready? ... DEAD TIRED. *everyone laugh now* But instead of candy (which I didn't eat, of course), we trick-or-treated for cans. We donate them to a food drive that works to provide a Thanksgiving meal for those without a place to go. <3
But I think I deserve an award on Halloween for being the most beneficial friend to have since every piece of candy I happen to receive you are free to take. (;

The day after, I went to the Spoken Language Invitational hosted by Brookstone. This meant I was evaluated on my conversational skills in a language I have been exposed to for a mere two months. I started learning Spanish in high school, but I thought, you know, why not give it a try, and compete in a competition, couldn't really hurt. I did end up getting an Excellent, so hey. ^.^

On an off note, in AP Human Geography we watched Hotel Rwanda. A really tense, but seriously well done movie. It makes you think about racial conflict and how irrelevant it all is. I'm thinking about using it as my pilot Eat&Evaluate!

Besides, I need to know more about Rwanda. See, my friend and I are participating in Model UN, where we pretend to officiate a United Nations meeting, and we will represent Rwanda. That competition comes up around next Wednesday!

And this Friday is the first swim meet I will be competing in. That's slightly frightening, yet also exciting. Then Saturday is a Harvard Mirror competition for Academic Bowl team. I know, busy weekend, right?
But because I am so busy, I realized that sometimes my commitments stack up against each other, and schedule conflicts will occasionally not allow me to participate in all I would like to. ): I talked to Mrs. Wood, the teacher that runs Mock Trial, and she told me very understandably that this one extra thing may just be too much on my plate. So no more Mock Trial, but, you know, there is always next year!

But Tom Sawyer, the middle school musical, was fantastic. I went to usher people in as the show started, and proceeded to watch their crafty creation from backstage, as backstage is where you see the full facets of a show. The talent was adorable and made me happy, reminiscent of when I did my middle school musicals. Sorry for no plug about the show, it snuck up on me!

And major apologies on the weird flow of JourneyJournie posts now that these leisure free-form posts have to be condensed. Whatever entertainment my high school narration provides you, though, please feel free to take!

{Berry Coated Cocoa Banana Smoothie. Simplistic as it sounds. Cocoa powder blended with bananas, and heaps of mixed berries on top. Here are some raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries that I bought frozen (cheaper that way). Why do I load up on berries? They are antioxidant packers, which circles around to your heart health (lower blood pressure), lower cancer risk (cancer prevention hypothesis), and memory intactness (berries help resist brain aging). So why not eat more of a good thing?}

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