Saturday, October 4, 2014

Zoodle Relief

So it's Saturday and that's it for me for the week. Tests and due dates and quizzes defeated for the week. Definitely due cause to celebrate with some Zoodles!

My mother got me a spiralizer. <3 And that just means oodles and oodles of Zoodles and Zoodles. Noodles from zucchini. So healthy, and very delicious.

You'll notice that that seems like more of a dinner though. This was Friday night's meal, eaten in front of a big screen of Smash. A theatre kid's night at home. ^.^ However, the reason I wasn't able to post yesterday was because of Internet crash issues. -..- So currently I'm sitting in a Starbucks sipping on the only drink I order from this place {Unsweetened Green Tea Frap with Soy, yumm}, working on getting ahead of the deadlines for next week, and planning out how to campaign for this site you're currently on. (:

Also, in my free time, I'm working on some parody lyrics. Remember when my friend and I were working on our on fancy MV for Language Arts class? Well, we realized just how much we enjoyed doing that, and since our class had positive enough feedback to serve as propellent for our little fun, we are contemplating wanting to explicate this hobby into a Youtube channel. We don't want to just dive into this empty-handed, though, so we're trying to jumpstart a few projects before the thing gets kickstarted. But once it's up, I'll put up the Hall Wars video, the Lang vid, and new things as they happen. Get psyched!

But Friday was a chill day that was the break we all deserved after Homecoming recoup test week. There were so many different meetings going on during break, so I went to Academic Team interest meeting to check it out, then Caroline Wellborn's health club meeting. She runs this blog, and just so happens to go to Brookstone as well! She made some lusciously fall-flavored pumpkin chocolate bread, I definitely helped myself to some. ^.^ It's great to know some other health passionistas that share the same interests at my high school.

But this coming Wednesday is my birthday, and there's excitement in the air! Especially since my mother has promised a "cake" made entirely out of fruit. Such a kiddie thing to be giddy about, but that's me. (: And right after my birthday, the one-act cast is going to the Georgia Theatre Conference at CSU, which, according to Miss Maggart, "screams Elim." Meaning it's a matchmaker directed complement for a theatre geek like me. <3 And Friday, I'll be leaving early to attend the wedding of one of my best friends' mother! Busy week, but not the complaint-filled kind. (;

{Raw Pasta with Raw Marinara Sauce! I spiralized zucchini and squash for some hydrating and healthy noodles, with lots of corn and sweet bell peppers on the side. For the simple sauce I pulsed roma tomatoes, garlic, green onion, and lots of dehydrated parsley. Completely salt-free! Filling replacement for oil and fat saturated Italian food. >.< One zucchini alone gives you a fifth of the daily amount you need in vitamin B-9. And the B vitamins are the ones that you have to be especially aware of when your meat intake is relatively low. These zucchini supplied ones help you catabolize your bodies proteins and nucleic acids, working for cell health, giving them the ability to grow. A dinner that fools me into still thinking it's summer!}

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