Thursday, October 23, 2014


Agh, so tonight is supposed to be Family & Bonfire Night, yet I'm here at home, sick, staring and reminiscing at my delicious green smoothie from yesterday morning.

But there's much to be filled in on, anyway! So let's focus on the good not-so-distant memories instead of sitting sulking at the fact that I am impaired with illness and unable to eat. Imagine me, not eating. >x<

However, Tuesday was a fun day. I was able to help out with the elementary school math tournament that Brookstone School hosted, and that was adorable. We got to go around and greet the little kids as they registered, playing the cheerleaders/supporters that got them all revved up and confident in how they would do. Then, whenever they had competitive rounds of ciphering, where they had to solve math equations as quick as they could, we were each assigned a team and would turn in their answers and keep their spirits up. (:

Then Wednesday we had a very efficient debate meeting! We learned about the format of official public forum debate, and brainstormed tactics and strategies for this particular form of debate. (:
And then, Wednesday was supposed to be my first swim team practice, however, practice was cancelled because... Well, this is kind of gross, skip these words if you're eating... A special needs kid had *secreted feces* into the pool. I know, gross, and how inconvenient that this is a food blog! However, that means that now what with being stuck sick at home, I've missed an entire week of practice. I'll be out of shape. *.*

But tomorrow is Brookstone's football game with our biggest rival, Pacelli. That ought to make for some excitement! Hopefully, when I post again, there'll be good news. (:

{Super simple-but-a-good-one! Loads of spinach in this bad boy ~12 cups~, a peach, and two very ripe bananas! ^.^ Delicious. The peach is actually very noticeable in taste, and it makes the whole thing taste that much more refreshing. Did you know peaches are called the "fruit of calmness" in Hungary? That's why it's so ideal to start your day with some of this precious stone fruit. There's a lot of Vitamin A and C, and they can even promote scalp health for your glorious mane. (; So make sure to always eat your greens. And peaches!}

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