Sunday, October 5, 2014

Send Me Back Smoothies (Youtube Development!)

Maybe it just sank in for me that it's fall, but I'm not liking it.

Don't get me wrong. I mean, the colors, the spices and scents and smells, the pumpkin that I consume in inhuman amounts... I love the feels!
But the cold. This is cold for me. I spent two months of my summer in the tropics, so coming back to American summer August, weather was perfect. But now, this means a slow decrease of pictures in pretty backgrounds and an inability to sustain enough inner temperature pent up to eat breakfast outside. Send me back to summer! >.<

But I believe I've found the perfect three ingredient smoothie mixture. Yet I know that American youth has learned to strictly shy away from anything green. So you're just going to have to trust me that spinach has a magical and nutritious sweetness to it. I would not recommend sneaky salads to unsuspecting taste buds, promise! The fruit has fairy properties. ^*^ In case you didn't catch the joke, totally not an airy hippie.

Anyway, this ultimate smoothie bowl was the buttress for a long rehearsal. Right after church I swung by Publix for a Naked juice dosage, then it was straight to school for the last tech run before full-on dress rehearsals! I'm here multi-tasking as I snack on grapes and single-handedly change the world with my laptop while I'm not called onstage.

Again, a jest. Perhaps I should officially implant the idea that Comic Sans should be the documented font for sarcasm. Maybe my voice will transmit so much easier that way. ?
However, I honestly have been pretty busy on the Nets today. Remember how I mentioned that my friend and I went around filming that MV for English?
So we decided that this was severely fun and wanted to share! We are, as of today, ANE Elaborates.
Check us out on Youtube. ^,^

I really hope you beyond loved that. There's more coming, but much farther digressed from educational assignments.

Anyway, today I also tried to finalize every fix I could make on my Cougar Roar article for the school newspaper. If they decide to run it, I will share!
So ciao for now, though, as there are some more deadlines this coming week that need eventual attention.

{Papaya-Banana-Spinach Smoothie Bowl. The consistency is on point, like an enjoyable smoothie bowl should be. The pretty green just had to be accompanied by raisins and dates. An allude to the beach in the form of a sand dollar because I'm channeling some Olaf and really missing summer. A little ComplementDeet, though, I would not suggest dates with spinach. The flavors don't mix as pleasingly as dates do with bananas... and that is raw heaven by the way. But raisins don't go great with bananas, yet are delicious with spinach. So just remember: Dates and Nanas, Raisins and Spinach. Happy fruiting!}

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