Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pumpkin Pumped

I believe I've actually missed my opportunity for a pumpkin to carve and seed-roast and I'm really sad about it. And the fact that we lost our big game Friday night is a little sad as well. #Broochelli became #Chelli. But win or lose, Cougs still Cougs. ...And the fact that I have tests I'm not ready for tomorrow is never a happy thing either.

But what is great is that yesterday I got to go and reunite with old friends at a bonfire my friend had to "christen his new man cave." And I found my own recipe for A Healthier Halloween.

Yeah, click that link. Remember how I set my Pinterest account implementation goal as November 20? Well, I am an overachiever, and I wanted to have some foundation before I promoted the heck out of a new account.. So I got a head start. The link will take you to my account, and you'll see the board "A Healthier Halloween." There are only five more days, which means candy is about to implode in the hands of kids all around the country. So I offer some healthier, yet still delicious, ideas. ^.^ Check it out for ideas at parties, for your kids' lunch boxes, and as the treats you can gift to trick-or-treaters. (:

And you should get pumped, by the way. Not just for Halloween and the cuteness of little kids at your doorsteps, but for November 1, Label Integration Day!

Which face did you make?

I will be furiously preparing every single detail this week to ensure a steady stream of posts available to fly this blog development off flawlessly. Let me just add a teaser.. you will be getting eleven more aspects and elaborative subjects from me... Including recipes!

The fact that this post is a bit short should be made up by A) the adorableness of these little jack-o-lantern goodies and B) the more to come this coming Saturday!

Ooh! One last thing. As this post is written in digression from cramming for a science mini-quiz tomorrow, I would also like to share with you my science project on the cell membrane. No, I'm not cramming a triboard display in your face and demanding that you channel proud grandma compliments for my sake. This is a self-made and self-captured and self-produced animation I labored over, PLEASE check it out here. Once YouTube recognizes its existence, I will make it watchable from the post.

But as you've probably caught onto by now, I am uploading the videos I take pride {as in, the I put my sweat and tears into this and it's not half bad kind of pride} in that I've made for school onto my school channel. Please support. (:

{Healthy Apple Slice Pumpkins. These cute little ~mildly pathetic because I haven't yet achieved pinup status~ pics are actually filter-free, completely undoctored, because the iPhone 6 is really good at camera operating! Anyway, I used some of my last Red Delicious apples from my birthday bundle, and sliced them up to get my base. Who says crackers are the need whenever there's a spread? Fruit bits work just as deliciously, and are quite the better carb. (; Then I spread some pumpkin puree on top. Canned, unfortunately, as my family simply did not get a pumpkin this year. ): And then I made faces with raisins. Pumpkin surprisingly has MORE potassium than bananas. Yeah, mind-blowing. So stock up. They've also got plenty of the toxins that neutralize your skin, working for a wrinkle-free face. An excuse to eat a lot of healthy pumpkin pie.}

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