Wednesday, October 15, 2014

PSAT Pullover (Instagram Day!)

We had the PSATS today. #.# So obviously it wasn't the funnest way to spend a good Wednesday. Especially since we don't get late start on a testing day. And that meant bad lighting for breakfast. But hey. It was delicious.

However, you'll see that pictured is not the usual depiction of a breakfast. I had fantastical raspberry cereal with chocolate banana mylk, but because of the unfortunate colors, textures, and lighting, the yumminess wasn't as forgivable on the eyes. So I have pictures of my lunch today!

I had a deconstructed salad plate and an apple-celery smoothie on the side. I mean, after the long, dry morning of sitting in a room bubbling in circles and gazing at a question-filled booklet, I needed some cleansing refresh food. And FullyRaw hydrating vegetables was the way to do that.

The smoothie isn't pictured because it was added as an afterthought, but it will be a dogeared recipe that you must remind me to come back to and share! However, another hint of a ComplementDeet, apples and celery are the perfect couple. Just a tidbit of useful knowledge in the kitchen. (:

But to the point of this post, it is indeed Instagram Promotion Day! I'll make it a personal celebratory day. ^.^ And to celebrate I'll probably curl up with a book and read myself to sleep. It's Fall Break, but that's a perfectly exciting enough start for me.

I've added a follow button on the home page, but if you're on the page then I can go ahead and direct you right here.
I wanted to create a widespread tool to grow a bigger audience, and let people who like food enjoy some yummy, healthy pics in their daily feed. Because everyone likes food. Everyone. I work really hard so you guys can love food on my site. >,< (that's a duck face)

Also, a quick digress to plug for my old school friends at Harris County Carver Middle School, they will be performing Sideways Stories from Wayside School this Friday, at the school, at 6:30, with a spaghetti dinner served exclusively by the cast! I'll be there, and you will definitely here me raving. So you should come to, because with all the sneak peek pictures I've seen, it's going to be a wondrously colorful, creative, and fun show. Get your ticket HERE! ^.^

{Sliced cucumber, raw sweet corn, roma tomatoes, and sweet bell peppers! Bell peppers contain that special "Tuck Everlasting" vitamin, Vitamin E! They help keep your hair and skin young, so load up. Cucumber is so full of water and perfect in that way. They keep you hydrated and have brain protecting benefits. Corn is high in starches that make it naturally sweet and delicious, but it's also got some of the beta carotene that is so good for our eyes. And it's no wonder that corn was the Hispanic staple food.. It goes great with everything! I love these vegetables by themselves (you can hear my friends talk about how I will eat tomatoes like apples), but if you think it is a little too bland, try squeezing a lime over your plate of power foods! Happy vegging (: !}

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