Friday, October 17, 2014

Nicecream Before the Night (Tweet, Tweet!)

This was an attempt at aesthetics.
Mixed berries with amazing antioxidants!

So today is the last rehearsal before one-act regionals competition tomorrow! Cheers for John Lennon & Me. ^.^ But that means a full 1-4 rehearsal cram as we prep for the ultimate show Saturday. So right after this I'm going to double time on some projects and worksheets. Hopefully you'll be hearing lots of positive news from me on the competition, though. (:

But I think that it's official, Instagram hates me. Disregard the IG details you read here, as Instagram disabled my account for some strange reason. I did, though, in a fit of defiance to the social media giant, sign up on a Twitter. ^.^ So follow my trails of 140 characters to stay updated on the Elim-esque things I say and what all I think you'd like to know. (:

So when I get my Instagram fixed, that follow button on the right panel of the screen will be renewed with a meaningful life, and I'll create a second post that advertises a Belated Instagram Promotion Day, and most likely eat another huge bowl of Nicecream. That's me.

But the Nicecream bowl I posted here is happy-rewards for another event. Tonight I'm going back to my old middle school that made me fall deeply in love with theatre to see their play! If you need last minute ticks to Sideways Stories from Wayside School, go HERE! In honor of the colorfulness that it will possess, I made my breakfast bowl colorful as well.

Because it's okay to be colorful in a world of black and white. Be yourself and be unique! Never let anyone downsize you for talking too much, being too loud, being too opinionated, or too passionate. Let what truly matters define yourself, and practice confidence as the best face you could ever wear.

And ps, who wouldn't want breakfast when it looks like an ice cream cake AND is healthy? I will convert all you breakfast unbelievers. (;

{Strawberry and Blueberry Nicecream with Raspberries and Banana Slices. It's been so long since I've had some strawbs, I'd almost forgotten how delicious their flavor was! But it was a pleasant surprise and only made more enjoyable by its anthocyanidins. These are the wonderful things found in berries that can keep away mental decline, regulate blood flow, promote heart health, and quite possibly prevent Parkinson's. So load up! ... And, if I were you I would start getting excited for when Label Integration Day is going to come, because that would mean recipes very soon!}

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