Sunday, October 12, 2014

GTC Goodness (Branching Out)

So I realized that I kind of really like this blogging thing.

Unfortunately, that generally means for me that I will quickly lose interest. I genuinely hope it doesn't happen this time. An incentive might be that this is a credibly veritable way to avoid doing things that have perpetual deadlines, and I am a gifted procrastinator.
Or perhaps this is a legit propensity. (Can you tell I've been on vocab practice?)

But GTC, the Georgia Theatre Conference, I promised details about that, yes?
It was a much appreciated warm-up for regional One-Act competition. We were able to perform in front of an audience, and it was the most welcoming and supportive audience we could have asked for. They were super responsive, and had a truthful dive into our story. The judges did commend us on the naturalness and relatability of our acting. The Brookstone relationships within the cast were the magic, they told us!

And back to when I said that I was starting to really like the food blogging thing (even if I'm not very good at it).. I have decided to branch out the blog. I'm going to start an Google+ profile and an Insta for the page! So be sure to follow each way. I'll definitely be updating more as we get to it.

The conference offered workshops as well! Unfortunately, the yoga stretching class was cancelled, but I was able to inform an informative Playwrights Workshop.
The man talked a lot about how to get your script to actually stand out, not to be part of one of the endless mud trails that publishers and directors dredge through in hopes of discovering the next Tony Kushner. Man, Caroline or Change is one of my all-time faves. If I were to be the next TK, I don't know what I'd do. But there was so much relevant criteria that I wouldn't have ever thought about. My new goal is to rock a script for a two-person show. (;

And impact is a goal for this blog. A simple pastime has evolved into something I seriously enjoy. So to track myself, I'm going to plan out my official branch out.

October 15: Instagram Page Promotion
October 20: Google Profile Set-Up
November 1: Label Integration Day!
November 20: Pinterest Account Implementation
December 5: Label Integration Done
December 31: Recipe Development

It's vague and foggy, I know. I will explicate on each separately as posts keep coming. Just make sure to stay updated!

But tonight was the awards ceremony. I would be the one to not get the memo that we had to dress up. >*< So I was the one casual girl in the Rivercenter theater. But hey, sometimes I'm the lemon Starburst. •.• Ha, but shoutout to Brookstone's wins! An All-Star cast member, Best Supporting Actor, and a Most Enthusiastic! Miss Krista Maggart knows what she's doing. (;

{A bowl of goodness for a day of goodness! I kept it simple today. Some cocoa oatmeal topped with sliced bananas and strawbs. My mini-Neopolitan dish to start off a sunny, rested day. Did you know raw, unprocessed, unsweetened cocoa has benefits? There is only half a gram of fat per tablespoon, and it scientifically makes you feel better! It increases serotonin levels. That's why it's so stereotypical to attack boxes of chocolates when you're heart-aching. But take the healthier alternative instead, flavoring your own fruits and grains with the powder instead of consuming the solidified fat that tastes like a block of refined sugar. Carb it up, not fat it up!}

PS, the Hall Wars video is OFFICIALLY up!

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